Laser Pipe Cutting Machine Industrial Application

Laser pipe cutting machines are specialized industrial tools that use high-power laser beams to precisely cut and shape metal pipes and tubing. These advanced machines offer significant advantages over traditional mechanical pipe cutting methods.

Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

Round Tube & Square Tube Laser Cutting Machine

This metal tube laser cutting machine is specially designed for cutting metal tubes and pipes. Except for regular round pipes and square tubes, it can also cut H-shaped, L-shaped, T-shaped, and U-shaped steel materials. The pneumatic rotating chucks can fix and rotate the pipes and tubes to make the cutting faster and more convenient.

At present, although the pipe laser cutting equipment is rapidly popular in China, and the demand for numerical control cutting talents and laser cutting technology is rapidly increasing. Serious shortages and lags in laser cutting equipment and CNC cutting talents and processes have resulted in low cutting efficiency and poor cutting quality, the phenomenon of serious waste of the base metal has also been highlighted. For the main technical problems of laser cutting, we have listed some of the major technical considerations of the pipe industry for the reference of business owners.

Applications of Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

sheet and tube laser cutting machine

Fabrication Industry

Cutting pipes and tubes used in industrial equipment, machinery, and infrastructure construction.

Producing custom pipe fittings, connectors, and other specialized components.

Energy & Utilities Sector

Cutting pipes for oil, gas, and water distribution networks.

Shaping pipes used in power plants, refineries, and other energy facilities.

Automotive & Aerospace Manufacturing

Cutting pipes and tubes for vehicle frames, exhaust systems, and other automotive parts.

Fabricating aerospace components like engine casings and ducting.

Shipbuilding & Marine Applications

Cutting pipes and tubes for ship hulls, superstructures, and onboard piping systems Fabricating custom pipe fittings for marine equipment and machinery.

HVAC Industry

Cutting pipes and tubing for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems Producing specialized fittings and connectors for HVAC applications.

Architectural & Construction

Cutting pipes used in building plumbing, sprinkler, and other infrastructure systems Fabricating custom pipe elements for architectural designs and structures.

Advantage of Laser Pipe Cutting Machine 

Cutting blanking

For large-length metal pipe full-stroke automatic laser cutting blanking process requirements, in the mechanical structure using a unique double drive pneumatic chuck rotation mechanism, through the movement of the machine tool on the pipe cutting processing, along with the worktable axial movement along the workpiece, which can realize large-length metal pipe full-stroke automatic laser cutting and cutting.

CNC cutting

CNC cutting is a high-volume, high-efficiency and high-quality cutting production method for pipes. The core of CNC cutting is the CNC cutting system. It is the cutting control software of the index control system to provide advanced cutting technology experience, so that the operator can use the control system skillfully to achieve high-quality, high-efficiency CNC cutting.

Nesting software

First of all, through the professional pipe cutting software in advance on the computer drawing, nesting, cutting and programming subsection, NC cutting program generated, and then the full length of the metal pipe full length automatic laser cutting. Professional pipe nesting software is the basis and prerequisite for realizing high-volume, high-efficiency and high-quality cutting production of CNC pipe cutters.

Cutting process

When the pipe cutting (especially for small diameter pipe), the slag is attached to the inner wall of the pipe, most of the heat generated by the cutting is absorbed by the workpiece. When the cutting density is large, it often causes the pipe to overheat as well as the corners and the square pipe four. Burning of the corners severely affects the quality of the cuts and even cannot cut. Such problems can be adopted: keeping the focus of the cutting nozzle and the surface of the workpiece surface unchanged, so that the cutting effect is not affected by the change of the surface of the workpiece; the method of increasing the oxygen pressure; increasing the synthesizing speed of the sharp angle through software.

tube fiber laser cutting machine

Now, laser tube cutting technology is now in a process of rapid development and continuous improvement. With the continuous update and development of computer technology, mechanical structure, cutting technology and optimization algorithms, CNC laser tube cutting technology will more prominently demonstrate its intelligence and speed. And optimized cutting processes and techniques, providing technical support for efficient cutting, high-quality cutting of laser pipe cutting machines, saving pipe materials and energy consumption.

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