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The low-power fiber laser marking engraving machine supplied by IGOLDENLASER engraves and marks metal materials and a small number of non-metal materials, such as stainless steel, steel, iron, aluminum, copper, alloys, ABS plastics, etc. In addition, there are so-called MOPA laser marking machines, which are especially suitable for blackening metal, color marking metal and marking anodized aluminum. If you need a CO2 marking machine specially for marking non-metallic materials or an expensive UV marking machine for ultra-precision engraving, please contact us directly.

A fiber laser engraving machine is an automatic marking system that uses a focused fiber laser beam to etch the surface of a substrate, changing its properties and appearance to create permanent marks. Fiber laser generators are available from well-known brands such as IPG, Raycus, JPT, and Max. The most commonly used powers include 20W, 30W, 50W, 60W, and 100W.

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A laser marking machine is a laser machine that uses a laser beam to make permanent marks on material surfaces. Sometimes, people also refer to the laser marking machine as the laser engraving machine, laser printing machine, or laser etching machine. The effect of marking is to expose the deep material through the evaporation of the surface material. So the exquisite patterns, trademarks, texts, or codes will reveal. Such laser engraving machine is mainly used on some occasions that require finer and higher precision marking.

The laser marking machine falls into multiple types based on different classification standards. Besides, there are some differences in the functions and applications among different types of laser markers.

Based on the machine size, we often call the laser marker portable laser marking machine, desktop laser marking machine, laser engraver handheld, hobby laser engraver, or desktop laser marker.

In accordance with the laser visibility, the laser engraving machine can be divided into UV laser marker, green laser marking machine, and infrared laser marking machine.

According to the laser wavelength, the laser marking equipment includes the 266nm laser marker, 532nm laser marking machine, 808nm laser marker, and 1064nm fiber laser engraver.

In light of laser power, we have the 20W laser marking machine, 30W laser marking machine, 40W fiber laser marker, 50W laser engraver, 80W steel marking machine, 100W laser marking equipment, etc.

In terms of lasers, the most commonly used laser marking machines include the following four types.

Fiber laser marking machine

It refers to the laser engraving machine using a fiber laser source. The fiber laser etching machine is mainly used to leave marks on most metal and some plastic and rubber materials. So it is also called the best laser engraver for metal, laser engraving machine for metal, laser engraver for metal, or the laser engraving machine on metal.

This type of fiber laser marking machine has advantages of good beam quality, long service life, high photoelectric conversion rate, energy-saving, and environmental protection. The fiber laser engraving machine for metal is mainly used in the fields with high requirements on marking depth, smoothness, and accuracy. It has wide applications in the industries of 3C, automotive, medical equipment, electronic components, IT, hardware, tooling, gold and silver jewelry, etc. The color laser marking machine can also leave colorful marks on workpieces.

CO2 laser marking machine

A CO2 laser marking machine refers to the laser engraving & cutting machine using a CO2 laser. It adopts the post-focusing method, which has the characteristics of small size and a high degree of integration. This type of laser printing machine is suitable for marking and engraving most non-metallic materials. For instance, this laser marking machine can mark paper, plastic, non-metallic labels, leather fabrics, glass ceramics, resin plastics, bamboo, wood, PCB boards, etc.

UV laser marking machine

The ultraviolet laser marker is equipped with a deep UV laser. It is a good laser for engraving metal and non-metal materials. It has the features of high electro-optical conversion rate, long service life, stable operation, high positioning accuracy, and marking efficiency.

The UV laser engraver for metal and non-metal can perform ultra-fine marking and special material marking. It has wide usage in making marks on high-end electronic products, cables, cellphone accessories, food, PVC pipes, medicine packages. And also PCB board, metal surface clad layer, construction material, plastic, etc. The portable laser engraver is the first choice for customers who have higher requirements for marking effects.

YAG laser engraver

YAG laser is a solid-state laser with a laser wavelength of 1064nm, which belongs to the infrared light band. Its characteristics include high oscillation obedience, high output power, and good stability. So YAG laser engraver is also one of the most laser markers in the market. The YAG laser marking machine for sale can mark a variety of metal and non-metal materials. For instance, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, gold, ceramics, synthetic materials, rubber, leather, plastic, paper, etc.

Laser engravers are the most common engraving tool kits used in various industries of embroidery, brand processing, packaging and printing, custom credit cards, advertisement decoration, architectural models, metal fabrication, woodworking, custom smartphones & laptops, molds, crafts, leathers, shoes, toys, fablabs & education, medical technology, rubber stamps, watches, architectural models, packaging design, automotive industry, mechanical engineering, awards & trophies, signs & displays, signage, giveaways, electronics industry, data plates, personalized jewelry maker, ball bearing, barcode serial numbers, and more. With the laser beam engraving system, you can engrave different designs on different substrates. The laser beam will make the surface to vaporize. It is ideal for someone who wants to customize or personalize something.

Traditional marking methods include pneumatic marking, electro-erosion, screen printing, and inkjet printers. Compared with the above, laser etching machines have been chosen by more and more users due to the following advantages.

  1. Laser marking machine adopts optical contact instead of mechanical contact. And it has no mechanical stress. So it is especially suitable for high hardness, high brittleness, high melting point, and high precision working. For example, the fiber laser engraving machine can mark cemented carbide, solar wafers, precision bearings, etc.
  2. Laser marking processing also has the characteristics of high energy density, small heat-affected zone, small thermal deformation, small thermal stress, etc. It will not affect the internal electrical performance.
  3. The marks made by a laser engraving machine for metal are permanent and not easily erased. They have no deformation and falling-off. It is suitable for the anti-counterfeiting of goods and meets the requirements of product traceability.
  4. The laser engraving & cutting machine adopts a numerical control system, which is easy to configure and modify. And it can realize the requirements of a unique product code. So the laser marking machine is suitable for custom processing, with small-batch and multi-batch processing.
  5. With a delicate marking effect and high precision, it can improve the product grade and increase the added value. The line width can be as small as 10um, and the depth can be less than 10um. Laser etching machines can leave tiny marks with high precision.
  6. The laser for engraving metal and non-metal materials has low consumption and no pollution. So it is energy-saving and environmental protection. Our portable laser engraver fully meets the European environmental standards and GMP requirements.
  7. Laser etching machines and laser engraving & cutting machines are suitable for flexible marking processing. You can make custom marks on your products with our laser marking machine.

Laser engraving machines are classified as laser wood engraver machines, metal engraver machines, leather engraver machines, stone engraver machines, fabric engraver machines, plastic engraver machines, rubber engraver machines, paper engraver machines, glass etching machines, acrylic engraver machines based on the engraving materials.

Laser engraving systems are defined as CO2 laser systems, fiber laser systems (the best tool to engrave metal), and UV laser systems (the best tool to etch glass) based on the sources.

Laser engraving tables are divided into mini types, handheld types, compact types, desktop types, portable types, 2x3 engraving tables, 2x4 engraving tables, 4x4 engraving tables, 4x8 engraving tables, 5x10 engraving tables, large format engraving tables according to the working area.

These kits are classified as home kits, hobby kits, commercial kits, industrial kits based on applications.

These kits are defined as laser jewelry engravers, pen engravers, iPhone engravers, gun engravers, ring engravers, signage engravers, art engravers, logo engravers, cup engravers based on industries. If you are working for 3D engraving, the rotary engraver kit is the best solution.

Laser engraving is based on computer numerical control technology. First, you need to make a design of file, then, open the file through software, and start CNC programing, the engraver will start working after the control system received the control command. The laser beam is reflected through mirrors, the focal point downward through lens, where the heat is most intense. Thus, the beam starts impinging on the material, the material will burn or evaporate, and the color will change as well, and make a contrast. After a while, a complete engraved project will be finished.

If you have an idea to buy the best budget engravers for hobbyists or commercial use, you may wonder how much does it cost? how to get a fair price or final price in your area?

An affordable laser engraver costs range from $2,000.00 to $70,000.00, with the average at $5,000.00 for entry-level and high-end types. The overall cost depends on the type of an used or new kit and configurations, including laser source and power, spare parts, accessories, software and system. If you will buy overseas, it can raise costs with tax rates, shipping costs, customs clearance, service and technical support.

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