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The laser marking technology is advancing exponentially, and has modified the manufacturing industry in the process.Businesses from various industries are massively investing in laser technology for numerous reasons. You will find several laser marking machine manufacturers in India and across the world who are offering high-quality laser machines to meet the industry demands.

Processing methods flexible, to meet the requirements of industrial mass production; laser scribe fine, lines can reach the order of millimeters to microns, the use of laser marking technology to create the mark copy and change are very difficult, very important for product security; laser processing System and computer numerical control technology can constitute a combination of efficient automated processing equipment, you can play a variety of text, symbols and patterns, easy to use software design mark the pattern, change the mark content, to meet the modern production of high efficiency, fast pace requirements; Pollution source, is a clean and pollution-free high environmental processing technology;

Types of laser marking and engraving machines

There are four types of laser marking and engraving machines. Some are applicable to both marking and engraving, while others specialise in one of the two:

UV lasers

Designed to be a practical solution for marking plastics and glass, UV lasers can engrave a vast number of materials, from metals to paper.

These lasers are engineered for high-density and low-density polyethylene and synthetic fibres, making them suitable for laser engraving applications where the surface of a product needs to be protected.

Fibre lasers

The most popular type of laser for marking and engraving. Fibre lasers are a type of solid state laser and produce an extremely small focal diameter, resulting in intensity far greater than a CO2 system.

These are ideal for permanent markings, including serial numbers and barcodes. Also, as they can produce an intense laser mark with an extremely small focal diameter, they are well-suited for metal engraving (including coated metals) and high-contrast plastic markings.

CO2 lasers

Though one of the earliest gas lasers to be developed, CO2 lasers remain one of the most useful types and are the highest-power continuous wave lasers currently available.

Modern CO2 lasers produce the laser beam in a sealed glass tube filled with gas (usually carbon dioxide). A high voltage then runs through the tube and reacts with the gas particles, increasing their energy and producing light.

CO2 lasers are typically used for cutting and welding. Low-power CO2 laser marking machines are better suited for non-metallic materials and plastics.

As per the experience we have gathered by working with various customer needs, we put forward 7 notable advantages of laser marking:

1. Mark on multiple surfaces with no contact

Laser can be user to engrave information pieces on a number of surfaces such as metal, acrylic, wood, plastics, leather, and ceramics. This feature of laser markers have helped our clients by using a common machine to get the necessary markings for a variety of products and packages.

Laser printing is performed using focused light. There is no contact of the laser creating tool with the marking surface. And the machine owners do not have to spend on a lot on manpower, printing die or parts that are required in other forms of printing.

2. Low cost marking solution

Compared to other marking solutions where a die or some special treatment is required, a laser marker saves costs for our clients. With easy integration into the production line, flawless and consistent printing can be achieved with laser technology in any industrial space.

The cost of repairing wear and tear of the die, replacement of the die, repeated creation of new die for printing is not at all required for laser machine users. Therefore, laser machines can be maintained at low costs.

3. Prevent counterfeiting

At Prakash Laser, we have come across clients who benefited from this function of laser markers. Illegal activities like replacement of genuine products with fake ones can be prevented with laser marking that cannot be hampered easily.

4. Faster output

Laser machines are high-precision and high-speed devices with faster printing technology. Many of our clients have completed rush orders by taking advantage of this function. The speed of a laser machine can be as high as 5 to 7 m/s.

It is very easy to operate the computer connected with your laser machine. The printing program on the computer is well designed to give control over the precision and accuracy to the user.

Over the years, wit developments in laser printing technologies, we find more and more production line workers getting accustomed to the printing process very easily.

5. Permanent Markings

For products with longer shelf life, laser printing is the best option. The markings are permanent and won’t fade off or peel off like paper stickers.

We have come across clients who switched to laser marking systems because they discovered that other forms of markings were getting off during transport, rough handling of goods, and other environmental conditions.

6. Readability

With the precision of the laser machines, any kind of marking can be made in a clean manner that is easily readable. Even small markings are very clear with laser technology.

2D images, elegant patterns, numbers, product information, and more can be easily engraved in minimum size on a suitable surface with maximum clarity.

7. Additional Treatment not required

Unlike other marking procedures, pre- and post-treatments of any kind are not required for laser marking. This in turn, saves time and money for clients.

Best laser marking machine factory

As the top laser marking machine manufacturer, the equipment from iGOLDENCNC is exported to more than 180 countries and regions around the world. Every day we accept and organize the opinions and feedback from customers from different countries and regions. We believe that this will help us further improve and optimize our products.

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