The Advantages Of Fiber Laser Marking Machine

The precision of laser marking machine is high. The light speed of laser is very fine. When it acts on the material surface, the small relocation accuracy can reach 0.01mm. It is suitable for marking fine instruments and parts. The current accuracy can meet the needs of marking on very small plastic and metal surfaces. Laser marking machine is a physical non-contact processing. There is no pollution source of any chemicals, and it is not limited to the shape of the processed products, round and square. It can be curved; It is suitable for a wide range of materials. It can mark the surface of almost all metal and non-metal materials (such as aluminum, stainless steel, glass, leather, cloth, paper, etc., different materials, different thicknesses and different hardness materials); Good compatibility, with other processing equipment to form a fully automated production line; The marking of laser marking machine is clear and beautiful, durable and wear-resistant, not easy to be altered and covered, which plays an anti-counterfeiting role to a certain extent; The laser marking machine has a long service life, the core of the whole equipment is the laser, and the service life is more than 100000 hours.China’s best quality laser marking machine manufacturer and supplier, factory price of laser cutting machine.

Advantages of fiber laser marking machine:

1. The fiber laser marking machine uses fiber lasers, with a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours.  The beam quality is high, which is the output of the fundamental mode (TEM00), and the focused spot diameter is less than 20um.  The divergence angle is 1/4 of the semiconductor pump laser.  The single line is thinner, especially suitable for fine and precise marking.

2. Small size, small power consumption, less than 500W power consumption; built-in air-cooled cooling method, abandoning the bulky water-cooled unit, smaller footprint, easier installation, and truly energy-saving and portable.

3. The electro-optic conversion efficiency is high, simple and easy to use, no optical adjustment or maintenance is required, the structure is compact, the system integration is high, and there are few failures.

4. Without any maintenance, it has a long service life and is suitable for working in harsh environments.

5. The processing speed is fast, 2-3 times of the traditional marking machine, optical scanning galvanometer, high laser repetition frequency, high speed without distortion.

6. The fiber lasers are equipped with optical isolators, which effectively shield the reflected light, and can be operated on high-brightness and high-reflective materials such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum, silicon, etc., and do not need to deviate from the center of the field lens, which greatly broadens the application field  .  And for different metals, by adjusting the frequency and energy, it can play a certain color.

7. The marking software uses the EZCAD series of golden oranges, which is powerful and compatible with files from Coreldraw, AutoCAD and other software; supports PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, etc., and can directly use SHX and TTF fonts; supports automatic encoding, printing serial numbers, batch numbers  , Date, bar code, QR code, automatic number jump, etc., using USB interface communication, computer compatibility is better.

IGOLDENLASER all series fiber laser marking machine designed adopts the advanced laser power, world brand galvameters, high-transparency field lens, and industrial components. With high-precision, cost-effective and long lifetime stable operation.

This system support marking on stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, copper plate, aluminum plate, gold, silver, titanium, other products, painting acrylic, density board, plastic, acrylic acid, rubber, bamboo, marble, painting glass, TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethanes).  Now fiber laser marker has been mainly used in electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, mobile communications, hardware, tools, accessories, precision instruments clocks and watches, glasses, jewelry accessories, ring, auto parts, plastic buttons, building materials, PVC pipes etc.

Fiber laser marking machine series, including tabletop laser marking machine, desktop laser marking machine, portable laser marking machine, handheld laser marking machine, protective laser marking machine and vertical laser marking machine. It covers common models on the market, can meet different requirements for different customers.

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