Do you know how to choose a CO2 laser cutting machine?

CO2 laser cutting machine price

When you plan to purchase an laser cutting machine, you may be singularly in the price of CO2 laser cutting machines. Based on different specifications and configurations, the CO2 laser cutting machine is from about $ 3,000 to $ 20,000. If you want to purchase abroad, you also need to pay additional costs, such as shipping, tax, customs charges, etc.

Factors affecting CO2 laser cutting machine prices

As I mentioned earlier, different specifications and configurations lead to different CO2 laser cutting machine prices. Therefore, you need to communicate with the CO2 laser manufacturer to obtain specific and detailed price lists. So, what factor affects the price of carbon dioxide laser cutting machine?

1. Brand

The brand impact of the CO2 laser engraving box is reflected in the quality, operation and service of the machine. Large brand carbon dioxide laser frequencies typically use high quality parts and components to ensure stable and reliable operation.

2. Parts and components

As the main device that produces laser beams, the CO2 laser tube is the most important core of the CO2 laser cutter. In addition, there are other major components and components such as optical lenses, rails, racks, stepping motors, coolers, etc. Large brand parts have excellent quality, stable performance, stable service, high prices.

3. CO2 laser tube power

The thicker the thickness of the laser cutter cut, the higher the CO2 laser power. Therefore, the higher the power, the higher the price is relatively high.

4. Worktable size

CO2 laser cutting machines generally do not bring large workbenches. The common size of the workbench includes 600 * 900mm, 1300 * 900mm, 1400 * 1200mm, 1300 * 2500mm. The higher the size of the workbench, the higher the price of CO2 laser cutting machine.

5. Service

Service, whether it is after sales or sales, it is also an important factor. Comprehensive services provide customers with machine security and timely maintenance CO2 laser sculpture machine. Reliable CO2 laser manufacturers provide complete and consistent services, and its CO2 laser has high quality and high prices.

How to choose a CO2 laser cutting machine

In general, find the best timber laser cutter for your needs, and some in-depth considerations are needed. For example, you will use it, your plans to use, easy to use, and your price range. Therefore, you need to do the following preparation before purchasing a CO2 laser sculpture.

Make clear your processing requirements.

This includes materials you plan to cut or engraved, sized and thick. It can help you determine the machine size and power of the CO2 laser cutting machine. The CO2 laser engraving machine has good cutting and engraving thickness within 0-25 mm. If you want to engrave or cut any other surface instead of ordinary sheets, such as glass, you may need a rotating device.

Choose a suitable CNC laser tool manufacturer.

There are so many CO2 laser manufacturers on the market. It is necessary to take time to do some investigations and choose the appropriate survey. These surveys should include the professionalism, production capacity, delivery capabilities, service levels, and other aspects of CNC laser tool manufacturers.

Consider the price of the machine.

When you get the citation, you need to pay attention to the specific configuration of the CO2 laser carving. Don’t blindly tempting low prices because it may have some partial part of the poor.

In short, you should choose the laser choice based on your needs, not the price of the CO2 laser cutting machine. Because after all, a unified rule in the market is a high price of machine products. Low-cost lasers may use part of the part of the quality, so that in the process of use, high maintenance costs are produced.


Affordable CO2 laser cutting machine for sale

Here, I want to introduce iGOLDEN CO2 laser cutting machine for sale. The iGOLDEN has been committed to the development and production of CNC equipment for more than ten years. Its laser knife has been sold to many countries and regions and has gained many active comments. The blue elephant carbon dioxide laser cutting machine has fast cutting speed, high precision, small incision, smooth operation.

cnc laser engraving machine_01

1.1390 CNC wood laser cutting machine

CO2 CNC wood laser knife machine

This is a CO2 wood laser cutting machine with a working size of 1300mm * 900mm. This machine is good at engraving, cutting and etching a non-metallic material in the form of sheets, pipes or tubes. Different laser power, cutting or engraving depth is also different.

It is equipped with a rotating device, which makes the CO2 laser cutter suitable for engraving cylindrical workpieces such as glass. The carbon dioxide laser engraver has a protective cover that protects the operator’s injury.

CO2 laser cutting machine changes from $ 3,000 to $ 5,000. For prices, you need to consult blue elephants based on your processing, such as the type and thickness of the cutting material, cutting speed, and the like.


2. CNC laser cutting machine and engraving machine

Carbon dioxide acrylic laser cutting machine and engraving machine

The CO2 acrylic laser cutting machine is in a new look. Effective working size is 1300 * 2600mm for cutting and engraving large acrylic phones, MDF boards, wood boards and other non-metal plates. CO2 lasers with small power, such as 50W or 80W, can meet your engraving needs. Although used for cutting purposes, you may need a CO2 laser tube with higher power, such as 130W, 150W, etc.

The CO2 laser cutting machine is about $ 5,000 to $ 10,000. It enables a variety of functions such as cutting, engraving, labeling, and etching various non-metallic materials. The CO2 laser laser head can be automatically focused and adjusted cutting and engraving. So there is no need for the second processing.



The CO2 laser cutting machine is very popular in non-metallic material cutting and engraving workshop. A qualified carbon dioxide laser tool is a good weapon that benefits profits because its high efficiency, good precision and extensive application. However, the CO2 laser engraving machine also has shortage, such as low photoelectric conversion rate, high energy consumption, and high operation costs. But in my opinion, the advantage of CO2 laser tool far exceeds its shortcomings. Buying a development business is worth it.

Selecting the CO2 laser cutting machine should take into account many factors. You can determine the CO2 laser model, power supply, size and other configurations based on production requirements and processing materials. Laser power, imported components, large work scale and overseas purchase can additionally receive the price of carbon dioxide laser cutting machines.

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