Fiber laser cutter: advantages and disadvantages

During laser cutting, there is a laser beam for cutting different materials such as metals, plastics, wood, rubber, and the like. This technology is now widely used in various industries. The china CNC fiber laser cutting machine can achieve a highly automated processing process by connecting to a computer. Laser cutting technology can help producers improve processing efficiency, meet more customized demands of more customers, accurately manufacture, almost any shape of the sheet or metal plate. Whether you need 2D or 3D laser cutting services, IGOLDENCNC fiber laser machine can be implemented. Although the laser provides a great advantage, they also have some limitations. Let’s take a look at some of this technique for some advantages and disadvantages.

tube laser cutting machine


The advantage of fiber laser cutting:

1. It is easier to keep the works in the correct position.

2. A very accurate sample can be obtained in a short period of time by fiber laser cutting cost. The entire cutting process is easily implemented within less time compared to traditional processing modes.

3. In fiber laser cutting machine application, there is no direct contact with the workpiece of the cutting tool to reduce the risk of contaminated materials.

4. During the traditional separation process, heat generated during the cutting process usually melts. In fiber cutting, the thermal region is very small, reducing the likelihood of material deformation.

5. The fiber laser cutter china requires a smaller cutting sheet metal energy.

6. Fiber laser technology can be used to cut wood, ceramics, plastics, rubber and certain metals.

7. Fiber cutting is amazing multi-function technology, which can be used to cut or combustible structures in one of them.

8. One or two cutters can be used in the work of several other cutters.

9. It is easy to control the laser cutting machine process through the computer program, which makes it very accurate, saving a considerable number of work.

10. Since the laser machine products does not need to intervene, in addition to inspection and repair, the frequency of damage and accidents is very low.

11. The laser cutting machine has high efficiency, and the desired design is a precise copy of each other.

The disadvantages of fiber laser cutting:

1. Efficiency and power consumption depends on the nature of partial types and lasers needed. Typically, laser cut has high energy consumption.

2. The components to a fiber laser cutter are generally more expensive, so when exposed to the sun for a long time, exposing the parts outside the room will have damage to the parts. Therefore, the laser cutting service provider should have a well-ventilated room, which is very important. Moreover, harmful or toxic gases may be released during cutting certain materials.

3. Not all types of metals can be cut with consumer laser cutter. For example, the use of this technique cannot be cut, silver and other metals.

4. The productivity is inconsistent. All depends on the type of material used, the thickness of the workpiece and the nature of laser cutting.

5. Setting the temperature and distance laser results in a combustion of some materials.

6. In the case of maintenance and testing, human intervention is required. Although these actions, workers have been closely contacted with the breeding beam, which can cause burns.

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