4×8 Flatbed Laser CNC Engraving Cutting Machine for Sale

Our product range includes a wide range of co2 laser cutting machine 4 x 8, co2 laser glass tubes. , reci co2 laser glass tubes. 80w 100w 130w 150w. and fiber metal marking machine.As the top laser cutting machine manufacturer, the equipment from iGOLDENCNC is exported to more than 180 countries and regions around the world. Every day we accept and organize the opinions and feedback from customers from different countries and regions. We believe that this will help us further improve and optimize our products.

4×8 Flatbed Laser CNC Engraving Cutting Machine

A 4×8 flatbed laser CNC engraving and cutting machine refers to a specific type of industrial equipment used for engraving and cutting various materials. The “4×8” refers to the size of the working area, which measures 4 feet by 8 feet (approximately 1.2 meters by 2.4 meters). This size specification indicates the maximum dimensions of the material that can be placed on the machine for engraving or cutting.

4×8 Metal And Nonmetal Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Engraver 60W, 80W, 100W, 130W, 150W, 180W

This is larger Flatbed Laser CNC Cutter and Laser Engraver for cutting stainless steel, aluminum, acrylic sheet and more. It is ideal for workshops, small businesses and makers. Our CNC Laser Machines are precise and powerful with a large work area to cut out your shape with accuracy. This new generation laser engraver will enable you to make all kinds of metal or wood products such as signs, decorating plates, drawing designs on wooden boards or metal plates with good quality as you want! This 4×8 feet Flatbed Laser CNC Cutter And Engraving Machine is our most advanced equipment,with the best performance.

4X8 feet CO2 Laser Engraver

Co2 Wood Laser Cutting Machine

This 4×8 CNC laser cutter adopt 150w CO2 sealed laser tube, can be used for many applications on many different types of materials, both natural and man-made. All cast and extruded acrylics can be processed with amazing results. The cut-edge is left with a fire-polished finish, reducing the need for a post-process after machining.

Nonmetal materials like leather,cloth,plexiglass,acrylic,rubber,plastic,wood,ceramic etc.Advertisement decorations,handicraft,garment,shoes,bags,computerized embroidery and clipping, template cutting,toys,furniture,packing,printing and other industries.

Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

4×8 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine Features

1. CO2 laser engraving machine, are mainly used to engrave and cut thick non-metal . like acrylic, double-color plate, marble, wood, MDF, plywood, textile, leather, glass, paper etc.
2.Widely applied in craft gifts, souvenir, Chinese paper cutting, advertising signs, and many other industries.
3.Fast engraving and cutting speed, high precision. Can be configured with up-down lifting table, honeycomb table, rotary, etc.
4.Machine working size can be selected according to your needs.

5.Customization is supported.

6.The machine supports software such as ArtCut, CorelDraw, PhotoShop, and AutoCAD.

Advantages of Laser Engraving

  • Non-Contact Process: Laser engraving is a non-contact process which eliminates the need for expensive tooling replacements. There is also no need to worry about snagging, ripping or pulling of the material being processed as the laser nozzle floats over the material without any physical contact.
  • Flexible Capabilities: Laser engravers are capable of processing wood, plastic, natural stone, foam, textiles, paper, foil, cardboard, metal and just about any material you can get underneath the laser nozzle.
  • High detail and accuracy: The laser beam is focused down to as small as .005” providing wonderful detail and the capability to engrave ultra-small font sizes.
  • Easy design software: Engraving files are easily created without complex programming. Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW and Inkscape are just a few of the commonly used software programs that are compatible with Kern’s laser engravers. PhotoGRAV 3.0 software will quickly prepare high-resolutions images for laser engraving. Catalogs of laser-ready images can be purchased from various artwork suppliers.
  • Multi-tasking: Once the laser system is in operation you are able to work on other projects that need your attention. A blinking light and audible job done alarm can be set to alert you when laser engraving is completed.

Metal And Nonmetal Laser Cutting Machine Applications

Applicable Field

The mixed CO2 laser cutter is usually applied to the following fields: packing, decoration, signage (metal & acrylic signs), printing, sheet metal work, crystal items, photo frames, and the leather processing industry.

Materials Good For

Metal: thin metal sheets like stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, etc.

Non-metal: rubber, plastic, acrylic, plexiglass, plywood, leather, tiles, MDF, bamboo, and other materials.

How Laser CNC Engraving Cutting Machine Works?

A CO2 laser cutting machine is an automated smart cutting tool kit that uses a glass laser tube to produce light beam, and works with a numerical control system to irradiate the beam to the surface of the object, and at the same time release high energy to melt and evaporate the surface of the object, thereby realizing the plan of cutting and engraving. The beam is a column of very high intensity light, of a single wavelength, or color. In the case of a typical carbon dioxide laser, that wavelength is in the Infra-Red part of the light spectrum, so it is invisible to the human eye. The beam is only about 3/4 of an inch in diameter as it travels from the resonator, which creates the beam, through the machine’s beam path. It may be bounced in different directions by a number of mirrors, or “beam benders”, before it is finally focused onto the plate. The focused beam goes through the bore of a nozzle right before it hits the plate. Also flowing through that nozzle bore is a compressed gas, such as Oxygen or Nitrogen. Generally speaking, higher power is used for cutting, lower power is used for engraving. The power is adjustable during operation. Turn it down for engraving and turn it up for cutting. The level of power will also affect the depth of engraving and the thickness of cutting.

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