CNC Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine

CNC acrylic cutting machine: It uses mechanical means and has larger power. As it uses the mechanical tool and directly contact the work-piece during processing, it may not achieve high precision. But for the thicker acrylic plates, this machine can complete cutting or embossing processing easily. Especially for the acrylic reliefs and 3D sculptures with different depths, the CNC acrylic cutting machine has more advantages.

·Laser acrylic cutting machine: The laser cutting machines are also suitable for cutting and engraving many non-metallic materials. These materials include double-color boards, PVC, MDF, and leather, paper, resin and plastic, bamboo and wood, and cloth. The machine is widely used in the advertising processing, and handicrafts, printing and packaging, and leather industry and other fields.

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CNC router acrylic cutting machine: In addition to the processing of acrylics, the CNC cutting machine can also cut and engrave various wood, stone, PMMA, plastic, copper, and aluminum, and other soft metal sheets. The typical application industries include woodworking, furniture and decoration, the musical instrument industry, mold industry, wooden crafts industry, and so on.

How to choose a suitable acrylic cutting machine?

Choosing a suitable acrylic cutting machine is very important for the users. Before purchasing the machine, they’d better consider the following aspects:

Acrylic processing requirements When choosing the acrylic cutting machine, the users should consider the size, thickness, and processing requirements at first. ·Thin acrylic board cutting and marking: When cutting acrylic boards, if it is a thin sheet, less than 20 mm, the users choose an acrylic laser cutting machine. If you need to engrave letters, LOGO, and other graphics on the surface of acrylic or PMMA, it’s better to choose a laser cutting machine.  ·Thick acrylic board cutting and embossing  If the thickness of acrylic boards exceeds 20 mm, it is recommended to choose a CNC cutting machine for acrylic processing. When the users need to groove and emboss their designs on the acrylic materials, a CNC cutting machine is the optimal.  They can also consult with the suppliers of laser engraving or CNC Router machine to obtain professional opinions and suggestions.

Co2 Wood Laser Cutting Machine

We recommend that users visit the manufacturer’s factory of the laser engraving machine before procurement. The buyers visit the manufacturing factory, communicate with the manufacturer as much as possible. In this way, they can get an in-depth understanding of the manufacturer’s strength and test the operation performance. They can also see the actual processing effect and discuss the after-sales service. After knowing the acrylic cutting machine well, they can make the best choice.

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