How To Choose The Right 1kw Laser Cutting Machine?

Many customers who do sheet metal processing will definitely encounter such problems when purchasing a laser cutting machine. How to choose a 1kw laser cutting machine? What specific aspects to look at?

1. Laser

The most important part of a fiber laser cutting aluminum is the laser. The longer the service life of a good brand, the higher the stability. At present, the mainstream laser brands on the market include IPG, Raycus and Maxphotonics. Choosing a good laser can make the equipment last longer.

2. Cutting head

The cutting head is generally composed of a nozzle, a focusing lens and a focusing tracking system. At present, the mainstream cutting head brands on the market include IPG, Pretzker, Bochu Black King Kong, Osprey, Jiaqiang and Wanshunxing. A good cutting head can improve the cutting quality and get better cutting products.

3. Operating system

The main function of the operating system is to process the graphics and image files designed by the user into a control command of the driving motor and laser, so as to complete the complex processing. At present, the common operating systems on the market are Baichu and Weihong. A good operating system has a more concise interactive page and is equipped with better nesting software, thereby simplifying the operation and saving materials.

4. Chiller

A chiller is a device that achieves refrigeration through vapor compression or absorption cycle. There are many brands of chillers. Common chiller brands include Kuwait, Tongfei and Hanli. A good brand can achieve a stable cooling effect for a long time, so that the laser cutting machine with high load can also operate in a stable temperature range.

5. Machine tools

The bed of the 1kw laser cutting machine is also one of the important factors affecting the cutting quality. The most important judgment parameter is the net weight of the bed. Under the same working area, the heavier the bed, the better. In addition, the weight of the bed is also very important, which determines whether it can meet the needs of processing. Are 10,000-watt high-power machine tools quenched? Is the bed hollow? These are all factors to consider.

6. Price and service

The most important thing about a piece of equipment is price and service. In terms of price, you can see if there is a discount for the full price? Is the installment interest free? Can you get financing? The service is mainly after-sales. What is the warranty time of the whole machine? How long is the after-sales processing response time? Can it solve the problem? These are all things to consider carefully before purchasing.


How Do Laser Cutting Machines Work?

Briefly explained, laser cutting machines use a focused laser beam to cut. They can cut materials into custom designs, various patterns and the required shapes. Intricate parts can be made easily with such machines. In detail, the laser cutting machines work as such:  The laser light to be used for cutting are created from diodes. Fiber lasers use semiconductor diodes as the best light source to pump the active fibers. The rays generated in the modules of the laser unit can easily be carried by fiber cable to the cutting head without any power loss. In order to cut the material, the laser light is focused by the cutting head.

Why Use CNC Laser Cutting?

CNC Laser Cutting features:

Faster processing and production times.

Minimal warping.

Greater accuracy when compared to Flame or Plasma Cutting.

More parts per sheet of material due to the Laser beam’s small cutting diameter (kerf).

Great for thing materials, but thicker and denser materials may be cut by replacing the collimating lens in order to change the Laser’s focal point.

CNC Laser Cutting has many advantages over Flame, Plasma, and Waterjet Cutting methods. As the Laser’s heat application is tightly focused, it requires less power and the material’s heat-affected zone (HAZ) is reduced. Many high-end industrial Laser Cutting machines are accurate to 10 micrometers and have a repeatability of 5 micrometers. CNC Lasers can affordably cut and etch a wide variety of materials, even the non-metallic materials that typically cannot be cut by Flame or Plasma processes.

What are the applications of laser cutting?

Most laser cutting machines are controlled by CNC programs or made into cutting robots. As a precise machining method, laser cutting can cut almost all materials, including two-dimensional or three-dimensional cutting of thin metal sheets.

In the field of automobile manufacturing, the cutting technology of spatial curves such as car roof windows has been widely used. In the field of aerospace, the aerospace parts processed by laser cutting include engine flame tube, titanium alloy thin-walled casing, aircraft frame, titanium alloy skin, wing truss, tail siding, helicopter main rotor, space shuttle ceramics Insulation tiles, etc.

Laser cutting and forming technology is also widely used in the field of non-metallic materials. Such as silicon nitride, ceramics, quartz, etc.; flexible materials, such as cloth, paper, plastic sheets, rubber, etc.

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