HandHeld Laser Cleaner_Laser Paint and Rust Removal

Thanks to handheld laser cleaner we can solve problems that we cannot with traditional methods . The biggest difference is found in its non-contact and non-abrasive process, that is, only the laser light touches the material and through the energy, it is heated, which allows the material to be expelled. Thus, the substrate we work with remains intact.

laser cleaning metal machine uses laser pulses to remove pollution layers. If the contamination layer is thick, multiple pulses are required for cleaning.The number of pulses required to clean the surface depends on surface contamination. An important result of the two thresholds is the automatic control of the cleaning. The laser pulse whose energy density is higher than the first threshold will remove contaminants until it reaches the base material. However, because its energy density is lower than the damage threshold of the substrate material, the substrate will not be damaged. Laser cleaning will not produce any dust and pollutants, and there is no need to wear protective equipment when working.

The cleaning process of laser cleaning equipment relies on the light pulse generated by the laser, which is based on the photophysical reaction generated by the interaction of high-intensity beam, short-pulse laser and the pollution layer. Laser cleaning equipment plays an important role in many industries, such as automobile manufacturing, semiconductor wafer cleaning, precision parts processing and manufacturing, building exterior wall cleaning, cultural relics protection, circuit board cleaning, precision parts processing and manufacturing, LCD cleaning, smear removal, oil removal, paint removal, etc.

Advantages of hand held laser cleaner:

• Compact and versatile, the cleaning machine are designed for the cost-effective treatment of small areas that require gentle high precision cleaning, de-coating and other surface treatments.

• The basic system consists of the laser source, with controls and cooling, a fiber optic for beam delivery and a processing head.  A simple main power supply is used for operation with a very low energy demand.

• No other media is required for treating parts.  These laser systems are easy to operate and virtually maintenance-free.

How does hand held laser cleaner work?

When the nanosecond pulsed beam hits a surface, the contaminant layer is simply vaporized from the substrate and we use a strong vacuum to remove the vapour as we go.

Since this method only uses a laser beam to vaporize the dirt and or rust there are literally no consumables required. This also means the process is clean and very eco-friendly.

How does laser cleaning equipment remove paint?

After understanding the cleaning process of the laser cleaning machine, you also need to understand the principle of paint. The paint applied to the metal surface is equivalent to a special layer of plasma, which protects the metal from corrosion and oxidation. Plasma is generated only when the energy density is above the threshold, depending on the removal of contamination or oxide layers.

Laser Paint And Rust Removal

laser paint removal machine are an innovative technology that presents improvements over other more traditional options.

rust removal machine 500w rust cleaning laser

The substrate material, unlike the target contaminant or coating, normally does not absorb, but rather reflects laser beam energy. Once a reflective substrate material has been reached, the laser ablation process automatically stops. Due to typically high reflection factors, metallic surfaces are especially suitable for rust cleaning machine. Precise laser beam adjustments enable treatment for many applications without undesirable mechanical or thermal effects to the substrate.

Each laser pulse removes a certain thickness of the contamination layer. If the contamination layer is thick, multiple pulse cleaning is required. The number of pulses required to clean the surface depends on the degree of surface contamination. An important consequence of these two thresholds is self-control of cleaning. Light pulses with an energy density above the threshold will remove contaminants until the substrate arrives. However, since its energy density is lower than the failure threshold of the substrate material, the substrate is not damaged.

Perfect for removing paint, corrosion, rust, contaminants from angled surfaces, weld cleaning, flange and gasket cleaning, or simple general surface cleaning at your industrial site.  With no collateral waste or environmental pollution, laser paint and rust removal can be used on a variety of substrates including: metals, composites, stone & cement, wood and other organic materials.  As an added bonus, our laser is a safe, variable power unit which allows the operator precise manipulation of the light beam to clean challenging, high value surfaces without water, chemicals or abrasive materials.

Is laser cleaning safe?

Unlike other forms of media cleaning — such as sandblasting or dry ice blasting — laser cleaning is safer for operators and employees. It doesn’t produce additional waste and is environmentally-friendly. Plus, it’s non-damaging and non-conductive, meaning it’s safe for the material you’re cleaning as well.

Operating a low-, mid-, or high-powered laser is relatively safe and only requires laser protective glasses and designated laser-safe areas within an optical hazard zone. No gloves are required, but training and education should be acquired in order to learn how to use the cleaning technology safely and properly. Training also includes learning about what settings work best for your specific cleaning needs, to ensure you get the most effective clean without damaging the structure.

The cleaning range of fiber laser cleaner includes: surface cleaning before welding, paint removal of metal surface paint (full paint removal, semi-paint removal or paint removal of designated parts), derusting of metal surface, cleaning of various industrial products or molds. The application areas include mold industry, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, food processing, sewage treatment, rubber tires, petrochemicals, etc. With the maturity and popularization of laser cleaning technology, the surface treatment technology in the world has made a qualitative leap, the concept of “green” cleaning has been deeply rooted in people’s minds.

Laser cleaning is becoming more and more popular for its speed and simplicity. Do you need to clean something, see how laser cleaning works, or directly recommend and install a cleaning laser? Contact our company.

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