Co2 Wood Laser Cutting Machine

CO2 wood laser cutting machine can quickly cut and shape according to the pattern

Automatic layout function can also greatly improve material utilization

Reduce material waste

Under the high-precision CO2 wood laser cutting machine

Completed dozens of fine wooden parts, with smooth edges and no burrs

Large Size CO2 laser cutting machine, the standard worktable size is 1300*2500, equip with 150w/180w/260w/300w laser tube, satified the engraving and cutting requirements of large plate such as S.S sheet, C.S sheet, wood sheet, acrylic sheet and so on.

Co2 Wood Laser Cutting Machine

Advantages of CO2 wood laser cutting machine processing wood products

◆Transportation of catties becomes popular-laser technology for non-contact processing, no tool wear and no damage to materials.

◆Unrestricted and unrestrained-software control, graphics are not restricted, can complete the processing of various complex graphics.

◆Make the best use of the material-the automatic typesetting function can maximize the utilization of materials.

◆Exquisitely crafted-high precision, beautiful cuts, more delicate effects, to meet the production technology needs of wood products.

General purpose laser cutting machine

1. The functional characteristics of general laser cutting machine

◆Integrate carving and cutting

◆High-speed smooth interpolation motion algorithm

◆Real-time dynamic display and tracking of processing trajectory

◆Continuous engraving after power failure, millisecond-level working hours preview

◆Spot size trajectory compensation function


2. Process application of general laser cutting machine

General laser cutting machine is suitable for wood products, paper, leather, cloth, plexiglass, epoxy resin, acrylic, wool, plastic, rubber, bamboo products, clothing fabrics, leather goods, mobile phone accessories, stickers, clothing hot drilling, plastics Non-metallic materials such as nozzles, mobile phone protective films, jade ware, etc.

CO2 Laser Engraving Machine PARAMETERS

Laser Type Sealed CO2 laser tube
Laser Power 150w/ 180W/ 260W/ 300W
Cutting Area 1300*2500mm
Cutting Speed 0 – 24000mm/min
Resetting Positioning Accuracy ±0.1mm
Working Voltage AC 110 -220V±10%, 50-60Hz
Gross Power <1,500W
Operating Temperature 0-45℃
Operating Humidity 5-95%
Minimum Shaping Character English 1x1mm
Cooling Mode Water-cooling and protection system
Auxiliary Equipments Exhaust-fans, air-exhaust pipe
Controlling Software DSP control system
Compatible Software CorelDraw/ AutoCAD/ Photoshop

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