3015 Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

iGR-F 3015 series cost effective, adopted domestic brand accessories with high quality. Suitable for rapid cutting of medium and thin plates.

tube laser cutting machine

3015 Laser Cutting Machine Product Application

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine are widely used in sheet metal processing, lighting, kitchenware, decorative materials, chassis cabinets and other industries Able to cut medium and thin carbon steel, stainless steel,galvanized plate, aluminum alloy, brass, etc.

About Igoldenlaser Company

Igoldenlaser Technology Co., Ltd. products include: laser cutting machine, laser marking machine, laser engraving  machine, laser welding machine and so on. More than 10 series, 300 types personalized products and services to provide  customers with a significant advantage.

Due to the high quality of our products and  reliable performance, they are widely used in electronics, hardware, model- making,  clothing, footwear, advertising, printing and packaging, toy-making, as well as more  industries.

3015 Laser Cutting Machine Parameters

Model iGR-F 3015 iGR-FH 3015
Working area 3050*1530mm
X axis stroke 1530mm
Y axis stroke 3050mm
Z axis stroke 80-120mm
Accuracy X, Y, Z axis positioning accuracy 0.03mm
X, Y, Z axis repositioning accuracy 0.02mm
Speed X, Y axis max. running speed 80m/min 120m/min
Z axis max. running speed 50m/min 80m/min
X, Y, Z axis max. accelerated speed 0.8G 1.5G
Power supply Phase 3
Nominal voltage 380V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Machine body Max. working loading 500kg 800kg
Body weight 3200kg 4700kg
Size(L*W*H) 4450*2290*1920mm 4630*2470*2000mm
Laser power 1000w/ 1500w/ 2000w/ 3000w 1000w/ 1500w/ 2000w/ 3000w/ 4000w/ 6000w
Worktable optional 4000*1500mm/ 6000*1500mm 4000*2000mm/ 6000*2000mm/ 6000*2500mm


Metal laser cutting machine has fast cutting speed, good cutting quality, high precision, simple operation, safety and stable performance. It has extremely high adaptability and flexibility. Using CNC system, complex patterns can be processed on metal plates. Metal and advanced processing technology, this combination of new and old, also makes metal crafts glow with unprecedented charm.

Dual-Purpose Laser Cutter for Metal Sheet & Tube

The specific advantages of laser cutting machine applied to metal lighting processing industry are: laser cutting technology belongs to non-contact processing, which uses high-density laser beam to irradiate the workpiece surface to realize melting, and the high-pressure gas blows away the slag to complete the cutting action. The whole process belongs to numerical control processing, without contact and deformation. The laser cutting machine is completely free from the limitation of pattern complexity. It has very fast processing speed, high precision and beautiful cutting end face. It can process the original cool metal materials into artistic patterns. With the effect of light, the metal patterns are more refined and high-end.

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