1500W Metal Sheet Cutting Laser Machine

Metal sheet cutting laser machine mechanical equipment performance is stable, do not have those troublesome mirrors and other light guide system, fiber laser cutting machine optical path is also very simple. Fiber laser is not the volume, the weight is very light, in the production and processing time can be easy to move, quite convenient.

The fiber laser cutting machine for Metal Sheet can be used for both plane cutting and oblique cutting, with neat and smooth edges. It is suitable for high precision cutting of metal plate. At the same time, the manipulator can replace the original five axis laser for 3D cutting. Compared with ordinary CO2 laser cutting machine, it saves more space and gas consumption, and has high photoelectric conversion rate. It is a new energy-saving and environmental protection product, and also one of the world’s leading technology products.



Don’t sacrifice weight for strength. A T-A Series machine can make strong visually appealing products. Some features include allowing tube profiles to be bent to simply the assembly process.

By simplifying assembly or welding, tube laser cutting machines can reduce production costs by up to 30%.

Lasers allow operators to make cuts and edges in one smooth step without the need to continuously handling parts. Saws and drills require lots of material handling in contrast to lasers.

Reducing costs is a great incentive for any company.


Standard sizes for tubes range anywhere from 20 to 40 feet and sometimes longer. The capacity of a tube laser cutting machine will be measured by the maximum weight per foot.

Some manufacturers will order custom tubes to ensure there is the least amount of excess during production. Avoid scrap by having tubes designed specifically for the materials you are using.

Average sized tubes are generally 24 ft. long for 6-inch diameters or 30 ft. long for 10-inch diameters. The T-A Series can do bigger sizes.


The T-A Series tube laser cutter is able to load bundles of pipes on the feeding device to be sorted, loaded, and connected. You only want one pipe at a time being loaded for the delivery arm and pipe cutter.

You can switch tube sizes with an automatic switch controlled by an operator. This keeps you from having to constantly stop production for new tube sizes. There are some jobs that require manual stops to complete the task.

The unloading process is completely automatic to reduce processing and feeding times. It will automatically sort scrap to save you time and labor.


Most products are made by welded tubes during manufacturing. As opposed to seamless tubes, welded tubes can cause problems during production and possible assembly.

Most Steel Laser Cutting have software to help detect exterior seams, but sometimes the software can miss interior seams due to the finish on the material.

The best machines will use a sensing system equipped with two cameras and light sources to look inside and outside the tube.

If a seam is detected by the software, the machine will rotate the tube to mitigate any potential problems.

Most shapes and designs can be cut with tube laser machines, but any irregular profiles might be difficult to load properly. An additional camera and light can detect if a tube will need the chuck to be adjusted.

You shouldn’t have to worry if your production will be hindered by asymmetrical profiles.


The Automatic Load Tube Laser Cutting Machine–T-A Series is an intelligent piece of heavy machinery. Check out some of these smart features:

Auxillary loading and unloading – A subsidiary roller table makes loading and unloading more convenient by reducing the friction between the working table and parts.

Intelligent Assistance – Use Wi-Fi to remotely gather analysis and results. You can also troubleshoot from your office.

Lubrication – The lubrication system is automatic to ensure a long-lasting machine. There are built-in alarms to signify problems or low levels of oil. Program the timing of the oil dispensary to make production efficient.

Alarm system – If there are any abnormalities or issues, an alarm will show on the interface. Address problems early to improve the troubleshooting process.

Other intelligent functions include a low-pressure alarm for auxiliary gas. Real-time stats give the warning for replacement.

Some of the safety features have revolutionized the manufacturing industry. Collisions are greatly reduced by having the laser head spaced from the material. The machine will stop cutting if a collision with the plate happens.

The T-A Series also has intelligent travel protection. It will monitor the operation range of the crossbeam and parts. Operators will be safe with extra protection.


Using the laser is high precision and ensures quality cuts. Other methods like punching or wire cutting may have low production speed or unable to make some cuts or perforations.

Since cost is important, mechanical cutting is more expensive to buy and run.

More intricate punch die sets can cost even more. Lasers provide flexibility and ease at a cheaper cost to the manufacturer and client.

Operators with backgrounds in plasma or mechanical cutting should have no problem translating their skills to the T-A Series cutter.


Since 2008, fiber lasers have steadily grown in production and acquisition. Traditional CO2 lasers are still a popular choice, but technology has allowed the fiber lasers to catch up in its ability to cut thick materials.

The gas laser struggles to cut through certain metals like brass and copper. Fiber lasers can easily cut through these metals and other reflective materials.

Some cuts and materials still require a CO2 laser, and operators may only be trained to work with the traditional machine.

Optical fibers allow the working position in fiber lasers to be flexible and light-weight. The need for maintenance is reduced and the efficiency is higher.

More savings take place because fiber lasers do not require expensive reflection lenses. Fiber laser cuts quicker and more consistently.

A place for CO2 lasers currently exists in the industry. Technological advancements allow the fiber laser to quickly close the gap. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of each with respect to the job you need.


Why Is It Beneficial to Use Parts Cut With a Fiber Laser?

The main reason to employ fiber laser cutting techniques is to reduce the mechanical stress that a sheet metal form experiences while being cut. Lasers help to eliminate the impact stress that can adversely affect sheet metal products during cutting, and beyond that, the heated zone is incredibly small. This means that the rest of the work piece is exposed to little or no heat, preserving the properties of the material being handled, which is incredibly important.

Also, it’s important to consider that since laser cuts can be made incredibly close to one another without negatively impacting the sheet metal, they help to minimize waste— closer cuts allow you to make more parts per square foot of sheet metal you use.

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