Rectangular Tube Laser Cutting Machine

It belongs to a complete category of products, and its R&D team and production strength are very professional. At present, rectangular tube laser cutting machines are used in sheet metal processing, metal processing, advertising production, kitchenware, automobiles, lamps, saw blades, Electric switch cabinets, metal crafts, textile machinery and other fields.

3d tube laser cutting machine

Rectangular tube laser cutting machine

The features of the model are as follows:

The rectangular tube laser cutting machine satisfies the user to perform rectangular processing, even cutting the beveled end face of the rectangular end can be operated and realized.

Rectangular tube laser cutting machine supports cutting square holes, waist-shaped holes and steel pipe cutting operations on rectangles.

The rectangular tube laser cutting machine can also cut the variable-angle bevel surface, which can meet the requirements of vertical intersection and oblique intersection.

This is a kind of product that adopts advanced laser control technology and focus follow technology. With the rectangular tube laser cutting machine, the cutting speed, edge effect and accuracy can be guaranteed!


Metal laser cutting machine manufacturers explain how to debug the accuracy of laser cutting:

1. When the spot of the focus laser is adjusted to the minimum, perform spot shooting to establish the initial effect. The focal position is judged by the size of the spot effect. As long as we look for the laser spot to the smallest point, then this position is the best Process the focal length, and then start work.

2. In the first part of the debugging of the laser cutting machine, we can use some debugging paper and workpiece waste to spot the accuracy of the focal position, move the position of the height of the upper and lower laser heads, the laser spot size will have different size changes when the spot is fired. And make adjustments to different positions many times to find the best position.

3. After the laser cutting machine is installed, a scribing device will be installed on the cutting nozzle of the CNC cutting machine, and a simulated cutting pattern will be drawn through the scribing device. The simulated pattern is a 1m square. A circle with a diameter of 1m is built-in, and the four corners are drawn diagonally. After drawing, use a measuring tool to measure whether the drawn circle is tangent to the four sides of the square, and test the distance between the diagonal line and the intersection point. Then the cutting accuracy of the equipment can be judged.

Currently, metal tubes are one of the materials having a large amount of consumption. Automatic laser cutting processing ensures high quality production of mass production. Therefore, in the field of metal tube processing, more and more manufacturers choose a metal laser tube cutting machine(CNC laser cutter, fiber laser cutter, laser cutter engraver).

So how is the price of a laser cutting machine? 

To understand the price of the laser pipe cutter, we can consider the following aspects:

1. Directly ask the price of the laser cutting machine, the answer may be in the range of hundreds of thousands to millions, so there is no reference value to really want to buy the manufacturer of the equipment. So we need special attention to the way.

2. In order to obtain accurate prices, we need to clarify our production needs and materials. In addition to the price, we also need to learn more about configuration, brand, pre-sales and after-sales service.

You can’t buy at a low price.

What is the advantage of automatic laser cutting machine?

With the rapid growth of China’s stainless steel pipe production and consumption, laser automatic pipe cutting machine is widely used in China. So what is the advantage of automatic laser cutting machine?

Advantages 1: Automatic laser cutting machine can be fully automatically feeding, feeding, intelligent identification and cutting head and tail, tail material ≤40mm, automatically remove internal slag, saving labor, low consumables, low consumables, targeted, For targeted, low consumables, low consumables, targeted, targeted, low consumables, low consumables, targeted, one person can operate multiple machines.

Advantages 2: Automatic laser cutting machines can replace electric processing processes, require different equipment and hard knives, such as mechanical drilling, milling, sawing, punching or cleaning burrs. It can achieve cutting, chamfering, grooves or holes, complex pipe structures score and other size and shape characteristics.

Advantage 3: Professional cutting tube, cut processing square tube, rectangular tube, round tube, elliptical tube and special shape tube, can cut metal materials such as stainless steel pipe, carbon steel pipe, seamless tube, galvanized tube, widely used in pipelines Factory, processing factory, bathroom factory, furniture factory, hardware accessories factory, auto parts factory, etc.


At present, China’s laser tube cutting machine has been very mature, and more popular in the domestic market. If you want to buy laser cutting machine ,welcome to contact us!

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