CNC Laser Cutting Machine Sheet Metal Cutting Quality

As one of the most important technologies in current metal processing, laser cutting equipment realizes intelligent and efficient production of metal materials through advanced technology. From rough processing to precision processing,cnc laser cutting machine sheet metal has broken through the low cutting precision and poor quality of workpieces in traditional processing equipment. , The technical limitations of low production efficiency, laser cutting has the advantages of high precision, good verticality of the section, smooth section without secondary processing, fast production speed, good quality, etc. At the same time, cnc laser cutting machine sheet metal has high flexibility, and can be customized according to different specifications. Flexible layout customization of plates and pipes to achieve rapid cutting of different metal materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized sheet, and brass. The industry has proposed many new development directions, broadening the scope of metal processing trade and customer groups.

laser head

Affect the accuracy of CNC laser cutting machine  cutting four factors:

1 the size of laser coagulation, laser generator. After gathering if the spot is very small, very high cutting precision, if after cutting the gap is very small. Then the high precision laser cutting machine, quality is very high. But the laser beam is tapered, so cut out slot is cone-shaped. Under these conditions, workpiece thickness greater accuracy will be lower, so the larger the kerf.

2, the precision of worktable. If very high accuracy of the Workbench, the cutting accuracy also improved. Worktable precision measuring accuracy of laser generator is a very important factor.

3, laser beam into a cone. Cutting, laser beam is to taper down, then if the thickness of the workpiece cutting very large cutting accuracy will decrease the cutting gap is very large.

4, cutting materials, also affect the precision of laser cutting machines. In the same context, cutting the cutting of aluminium and stainless steel precision would be very different, stainless steel cutting precision will be higher, and the section is smooth.

Metal Laser Cutting Machines Features:

Low pressure, cost effective, high efficiencyExpert database supports high precision and precision parts processing

Full enclosure, single or dual work table optional, equipped with wireless controller and convenient operation

Economical and practical, preferred for sheet metal processing and the minor enterprises.

Turn on cnc laser cutter steps:

1. The total power supply. The regulated power supply starts. (Check the three-phase voltage balance)

2. Open the cutting gas main valve. (Check whether N2 and 02 are leaking)

3. Turn on the metal laser cutter water cooler. Check to see if the water temperature and pressure are normal. (Laser water temperature 25°C, fiber optic and cutting head water temperature 28℃)

4. Start the laser cut machine power supply (key switch)

5. Start the laser. Laser power is on. (the indicator light is green)

6. The operating laser cutter software system starts, and the machine tool returns to zero. The laser cutting head sensor is calibrated automatically or manually, and the MDI function is executed . (When the cnc laser machine is turned on every day, the cnc laser machine must return to zero. The fiber laser cutting head sensor is calibrated automatically or manually, and the MDI function is executed)

7. According to the corresponding laser cutting material, adjust the focus position and change the laser cutting nozzle.

8. Manually test the gas N2 and O2 to confirm whether the gas pressure is normal.

9. Confirm whether the laser cutting program is consistent with the material.

10. In the (automatic interface), call the laser cutting processing program and load the laser cutting parameters.

11. Start the program, and the red light will go to the border. Check to see if the laser cutting program is in the sheet range.

12. Start the program and start processing. In the process of processing, pay attention to the cutting situation at any time. If the fiber laser cutting head may collide or the path is hollow, it should be suspended immediately.After eliminating the fault factors, you can continue to cut。

This is fast speed mild cnc laser cutting machine sheet metal with 4000*1500mm working area, which consist of machine tool,motion parts, electrical equipment control parts, and other assist parts. Via control system to operation three axis motion parts,so it can drive to fiber laser cutting head achieve a stable, accurate, and high speed moving; X and Y axis of aluminium stainless steel sheet cutting machine adopt by imported with original packaging high quality and precision HIWIN linear guide rail, working table adopt by square pipe to welding the overall machine, stress relief annealing treat, the max load-bearing of mesa could get 500 KG, it also has universal ball bearing, machine external set up peripheral clamping device, use full enclosed dust proof device, photoelectric sensor, and other precise positioning parts to ensure accuracy of the transmission.

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