Polyamide (PA) Nylon and Ripstop Textiles Laser Cutting Machine

Nylon is a generic name for several synthetic polyamides. As a man-made synthetic fiber derived from petrochemical products, nylon is very strong and elastic, making it a fiber that is most likely to remain in production and use. From fashion, parachutes, and military vests to carpets and luggage, nylon is a very useful fiber in many applications.

As one of the major steps within the manufacturing process, the method in which you decide to cut your materials will have an enormous impact on the quality of your finished product. The way your materials are cut must be accurate, efficient and flexible, which is why laser cutting has quickly become one of the most widely used methods in the manufacturing industry.

Ripstop Textiles Laser Cutting Machine

Ripstop textiles are durable fabrics that are designed to resist tearing and ripping. They are commonly used in outdoor gear, such as tents, backpacks, and jackets, as well as in various industrial applications. Laser cutting machines are versatile tools that use a laser beam to cut through materials with precision and accuracy.

Polyamide (PA) Laser Cutting Machine

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Nylon Laser Cutting Machine benefits 

  1. Clean and smooth cutting edges – eliminating the need to hem
  2. No fabric fraying in synthetic fibres due to formation of fused edges
  3. Contactless process minimizes skewing and fabric distortion
  4. Extremely high accuracy and high repeatability in cutting contours
  5. The most intricate of designs can be accomplished with laser cutting
  6. Simple process due to integrated computer design
  7. No tool preparation or tool wear

Laser cut nylon can be used for the following applications:

• Clothing and Fashion

• Military Clothing

• Specialty Textiles

• Interior Design

• Tents

• Parachutes

• Packaging

• Medical Devices

• And more!

IGOLDENLASER offers a CO2 laser cutting machine that can provide different advantageous cutting forms. These machines are integrated with DSP control technology. It offers high stability, high cutting accuracy, and high speed. Therefore, it can assure high productivity for your business that needs different cutting applications. Rest assured that all our CO2 laser cutting machines can provide amazing and detailed cutting performance.


A CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine is designed to cut and engraving most non-metal materials. For example, wood, rubber, PVC, polywood, plexiglass, paper, MDF, mat board, leather, felt, fabric, EVA rubber, cloth, acrylic, ABS, etc. The popular power of CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine is: 75w, 90w, 100w, 130w, 150w, 300w,etc.

CO2 Laser Cutting Machine for Precise Cutting and Engraving

IGOLDENLASER offers CO2 laser cutting machines that are ideal for engraving designs in different materials such as thin woods, acrylics, and more. It can cut and engrave designs accurately at a fast speed. We also offer CO2 laser cutters with power options ranging from 60W to 300W.

Our machines can provide up to ±0.01mm locating accuracy. Rest assured that our CO2 cutters can provide up to 6,00mm/s cutting speed. It also provides up to 1,000mm/s engraving speed. Therefore, you can assure precise engraving at a fast speed.

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