Fiber Laser cutting machine in the automobile manufacturing industry

Automobile lightweight has become a hot spot pursued by market consumers, and the important trend of future development is lightweight body. With the development of the whole vehicle in the direction of light weight, new materials, new structures, and new processes continue to emerge, and laser processing technology will set off a new upsurge. IGOLEN has related advantages in the design and development, customization, efficient application and cost reduction measures of fiber laser products. Laser processing will significantly improve the proce

When the first tricycle in the world is born, he may hardly imagine that this will be incredible since the next century. In the past 100 years, the technological innovation of the automotive industry has emerged, and the processing and manufacturing technology changes with each day, and innovation is still continuing. As a great invention in the twentieth century, the application of fiber laser machine in automotive manufacturing has the meaning of epoch. This advanced processing technology has penetrated into various aspects of automotive manufacturing, including welding, cutting, drilling, labeling, heat treatment, and molding, even the micro-machined field of electronic systems.

Place of fiber laser cutting within and outside the car, such as doors, automotive braids, wheels, and many other places using laser cutters. There are also many precision parts and materials in the car. In order to improve the safety of the car, it is necessary to ensure the accuracy of cutting. The fiber laser cutting machine has high cutting accuracy, high efficiency, incorporation and disposable molding. The advantage of fiber laser cutting machine is the perfect metal plate. Cutting reason.

Currently, fiber laser cutting machine have been widely used in automotive parts manufacturing, which can cut body parts and steel sheets using lasers, and have been widely used for automotive mass production.

The strength of ordinary laser cutting machines in the market is not enough. It takes too much time to cut steel plates, so they are not suitable for automotive production. The fiber laser cutting machine allows high performance laser beams to move with high-speed and equipment, can provide thousands of steel sheets a day, which can meet the needs of automotive mass production. In addition, fiber laser cutting systems can make low-volume automotive production models, enabling manufacturers to produce more unique new models.


With the development of the laser industry and the demand for the automotive industry, more and more sheet metal cutting style, more and more need to be higher, beautiful. This car is not only a simple way of transportation, but also has a major technical field.

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