CNC Oscillating Blade Leather Cutter-Vibrating Knife Cutting Machine

Oscillating Knife Blade Cutting Machine/Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine Cnc is divided into two categories.

In the process of machining, metal cutting machine can be divided into: manual cutting machine cutting, semi-automatic cutting machine cutting, CNC cutting machine cutting, they all have their own characteristics.

vibrating knife cutter


Cnc oscillating blade leather cutter/oscillating blade leather cutter function introduction

● Projecting and cutting graphic images through the projector can reflect the layout position of the graphics in real time. The layout is efficient and fast, saving time, labor and materials.

● Meet the production targets of small batches, multiple orders and multiple styles. It is versatile and can be used for cutting leather and other flexible materials. Widely used in the footwear industry, clothing industry, luggage industry, automotive industry, decoration industry.

● Programmable multi-axis motion controller, the stability and operability reach the domestic and international technical level.

● The cutting machine drive system adopts imported linear guide rails, racks and timing belts, and the cutting precision completely reaches the zero error of the round-trip origin.

● Friendly high-definition touch screen man-machine interface, easy to operate, easy to learn. Standard RJ45 network data transmission, fast speed, stable and reliable transmission.

1: Compatible with all common design software, no matter which packaging design software is used, no need to convert, you can directly import the control software to complete the sample production;

2: With the drawing function head, it can quickly and easily draw the die line drawing, which is convenient for the production of the later die.

3: The breakpoint resume function, when the device is working, if it is suddenly interrupted due to external reasons, after the work is resumed, the sample can be completed from the interrupted part;

4: Data inspection function, sealing and overlapping inspection of design drawings, so as to avoid problems such as uncut, repeated cutting or pressing at the same position during sample cutting;

5: Advanced control system, which can cut the cutter line (dashed line) and semi-wear;

6: Line merging function, automatically merge all the line segments in the design drawing, avoid unnecessary movements during cutting or pressing line processing, realize fast non-stop work, improve equipment working efficiency and work precision;

7: Advanced wheel crease technology, and equipped with a variety of folding wheels for the crimping work of different specifications of packaging products.

Cutting materials: [corrugated paper, cardboard, white cardboard, gray cardboard, stickers, PVC rubber sheet, KT board, artificial leather, leather, gasket, sponge, prepreg, cloth, acrylic, honeycomb panel, fiberboard, epoxy Flexible materials such as resin sheets, plexiglass, car mats, fiber composites, etc.

Manual cutting machine, flexible and convenient, but the poor quality of cutting, size error is big, big material waste, subsequent processing workload is big, poor working conditions and low production efficiency.

Semi-automatic cutting machine, simple functions, good cutting quality, reduce labor strength, but is not suitable for single piece and small batch and master pieces cutting. CNC cutting machine, foam sponge cutting plate of high efficiency, good cutting quality, reduce labor intensity of workers.

At present, use the manual cutting machine and semi-automatic cutting machine of the small and medium-sized enterprises is relatively common, so, the prospect of the cutting machine a good.

Applicable to the carpets, rugs, MATS, floor MATS, car cushion, silk MATS, sponge composite skin, XPE, EVA, microfiber, soft, silicone, rubber materials, such as cutting cutting glass.

The leather cutting machine industrial computer has a long working time. Due to the production needs, some users’ industrial control systems need to work for a long time, which brings huge load to the industrial computer operating system. The internal temperature of the CNC cutting machine IPC is too high. In a long-term high-temperature environment, the components of the computer are in a high temperature state for a long time. If it is not cooled in time, it is prone to aging and hard disk failure.

The power supply voltage of the CNC cutting machine fluctuates greatly and is easy to power off. The CNC cutting machine guide rail should be wiped and maintained frequently.

CNC cutting machines have many respirable particles in the air. Since the CNC cutting machine generates a large amount of metal dust during cutting, it will penetrate into various parts of the equipment. Coupled with the long-term large-scale cutting of the CNC cutting machine, the metal dust will accumulate over time, which will also cause a great burden on the operation of the equipment.

The CNC cutting machine has a large ground feel. In the production of mechanical manufacturing plants, due to physical displacement actions such as dragging and vibration, strong noise is generated. The vibration brought by the equipment will cause strong damage to the industrial computer disk, optical drive and floppy drive.

The environmental humidity of the CNC cutting machine is not suitable. The industrial computer is mainly composed of an integrated circuit of many electronic components, and its insulation performance is inseparable from the environmental humidity. Too much humidity can easily cause the board to be short-circuited and burned; if the humidity is too small, it will easily generate static electricity and will also break down some electronic components.

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