Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Cutting

The hardware industry is developing rapidly. The most concentrated markets of China’s traditional hardware industry are mainly mechanical hardware, architectural hardware, decorative hardware and daily hardware. The status and influence of China’s rapidly developing hardware industry in the world are increasing day by day. With infinite vigor and vitality, China is realizing a leap from a hardware power to a hardware power, from “small hardware” to “big industry”, China is becoming a global hardware manufacturing center, a traditional, new and modern industry. Hardware products are widely used, in the past, people called hardware, such as nails, scissors, wrenches, knives, these hardware products, has developed into a major industry with world influence.

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Traditional hardware production and processing technology and equipment is to use a punch, and cooperate in polishing, cutting plate bending process and the final forming, this method processing enterprise efficiency is low, do the mould time is long, the cost is large, and this two years our country attaches great importance to energy conservation and environmental protection, can be formed to hardware products processing services industry has a certain impact.

With the current hardware industry in China under the policy of innovation technology driven, quality first as the guidance, constantly improve the quality of their products and services, and maintain a rapid development in output and sales, hardware is playing an increasingly important role in various fields, and these categories are more and more. Hardware is responsible for the quality of social product information and product experience.

The following is a simple introduction to the advantages of laser cutting machine:

1, cutting quality is good, reduce labor cost

Laser cutting machine can use the characteristics of Chinese laser contact processing, no damage to the workpiece, cutting products without extrusion deformation, processing products produced by good service quality, no burrs, do not need to use manual polishing, eliminating unnecessary processing procedures, optimize the labor relationship intensity of enterprise workers.

2, save mold investment, reduce production cost

Laser cutting machine can choose to directly design and manufacture all kinds of hardware workpiece materials without mold, no mold consumption, no need to repair and replace the mold, can save a lot of research mold use, save processing management costs, reduce social production and operation costs, especially suitable for the processing of large products.

3, high precision, effective productivity

Laser cutting technology can be used as a “shearing -” appeared in the process of alternatives to traditional process, has the characteristics of China’s accurate, flexible and efficient, can get effective processing enterprises of all kinds of problems of complex parts, need to be cutting graphics, imported into the control information system work, you can set to cut the size data, Help students directly shorten the product processing and manufacturing cycle, effectively improve social labor productivity.

4, cutting speed, optimize the working environment

Laser cutting machine cut quickly, work safety equipment is stable, low noise, no dust, not the development research on the human body and environment harmful chemical substances, operation management for students is also a kind of close protection, ensure the production site clean and tidy, reduce the later need to input, reduce the pollution, Helping hardware enterprises can promote the optimization of education, work and living environment and conform to the tide of environmental protection.

5, late maintenance cost is low, cost-effective

The maintenance of mechanical products is very expensive, and the performance of the laser cutting machine is stable, durable and continuous management work, not easy to damage, in the late maintenance of enterprise cost control development has a great advantage.

For metal processing enterprises, the choice of laser cutting machine factory is a very important link, the good of the laser cutting machine without important laser cutting head, shenzhen wan shun xing laser, is a leading domestic laser professional manufacturers, is a collection of optical fiber cutting head and optical fiber welding head of r&d, manufacturing, sales and service in the integration of high-tech enterprises. The equipment produced by good manufacturers can not only help enterprises produce better products, but also help enterprises control production costs and increase profits.

What Are the Disadvantages of Laser Cutting?

Although used to produce parts in almost every industry, laser cutting does have it downsides. Namely, the need of expertise, limitations to metal thickness, costs and hazardous fumes are all things to consider before turning to laser cutting.

Need of Expertise

As we already said, a specialist operator is a must in order to make the most of a laser cutter’s potential. The right setup makes sure the cutting quality is up to the standard people are expecting from this technology.

Limitations to Metal Thickness

Comparing laser cutting to other thermal cutting methods, it is not suitable to cut very thick plates. The largest suitable thickness depends on the available machinery and the know-how at hand. On average, metal fabrication companies tend to laser cut metal up to 15 or 20 mm.

Upfront Costs

Laser cutting machine price . Lasers can be twice as costly compared to waterjet or plasma cutters. Although the running costs and efficiency make up for it in long term, the initial investment is still quite large.

Dangerous Fumes

One of the advantages of laser cutting is its suitability for cutting different materials. At the same time, the thermal cutting method makes material melt, resulting in emitted gases and dangerous fumes. This rings especially true when cutting plastic. Thus a good, but often costly, ventilation system is a requirement for a safe working environment.

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