Full-protection fiber laser cutting machine adopts a fully enclosed laser protective cover, is equipped with a special laser protective glass observation window, which is overall beautiful, safe and environmentally friendly; at the same time, it is equipped with a special exchange platform for fast exchange speed. It is a high-end special equipment for laser cutting of sheet metal, and it is the first choice for modern manufacturing enterprises.

Enclosed Laser Cutting Machine Parameter

Model  iGR-P 3015
Working area 3000*1500mm
X axis stroke 1500mm
Y axis stroke 3000mm
Z axis stroke  300mm
Accuracy X, Y axis positioning accuracy 0.03mm
X, Y axis repositioning accuracy 0.02mm
Speed X, Y axis max. running speed  180m/min
X, Y axis max. accelerated speed 2G
Power supply Phase 3
Nominal voltage 380V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Protection grade IP65
Machine body Max. working loading 1000kg
Body weight  4000kg
Size(L*W*H)  8230*3140*2300mm
Laser power 500w/ 750w/ 1000w/ 1500w/ 2000w/ 3000w/ 4000w/ 5000w/ 6000w/ 8000w/ 10000w/ 12000w
Worktable optional 4000*1500mm/ 4000*2000mm/ 6000*2000mm/ 6000*2500mm

Laser Cutting Machine Sample Display

Metal Sheet Cutting

The automatic lubrication system provides a fixed amount of lubricating oil for the protective laser cutting machine to ensure the high-speed operation of the equipment, with abnormal alarm and liquid level alarm functions. The system greatly improves the cutting accuracy and effectively extends the service life of the transmission mechanism.
Automatic alarm function for abnormal working status of equipment, and push it to the operation interface through the control center, improve the efficiency of Enclosed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine abnormal troubleshooting, reduce potential safety hazards, and reduce maintenance costs.
Intelligent travel protection, automatic monitoring of the operating range of components, installation of international machine tool standard limit springs, the laser cutting head is built-in capacitor height adjustment function, improve equipment and life safety protection, reduce the incidence of accidents, improve cutting efficiency.


Faster and more stable.
Improve processing accuracy and safety.
Increase productivity.


Double motor double chain automatic exchange platform, the platform is composed of a welded frame, with a support grid on which the workpiece is supported, and the worktable can bear a load of up to 1000KG; there are universal balls around the worktable, driven by Yaskawa servo motor, stable exchange speed within 8-15s, effectively preventing deviation and collision.
The two modes of linkage or independent operation can be set flexibly, which is convenient to deal with faults such as jams, easy to clean up the waste below, meet the loading and unloading of special plates, and improve production efficiency.


Enclosed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 360° full protection and closed design, the observation window adopts laser protection glass that meets European CE standards, and the whole machine weighs 10T.

Environmental protection: Prevent the dust leaking generated by cutting to ensure the cleanliness of the work area.
Safety: Avoid laser pollution, protect the safety of operators in the production process, and improve the safety factor.
Extend the service life of the machine, and can maintain and improve the processing quality of the product, and finally achieve a stable and high efficiency.

Fully-closed protection improves the safety of use.

The laser protective glass protects humans from laser radiation.

The automatic dust collection system is environmentally friendly.

The intelligent monitoring system reduces the accident rate and improves work efficiency and stability.


The laser head has a built-in motor drive unit, and the focusing lens is driven by a linear mechanism to automatically change the position within 20mm. The user can set continuous focus through the program to complete the rapid perforation of thick plates and automatic cutting of plates of different thicknesses and materials. The compound lens group equipped with D28 integrates the light beam and optimizes the optical and water-cooled design so that the laser head can work stably for a long time.

Optimized optical configuration and smooth and efficient airflow design to improve the cutting effect;
 Auto focus range +10~-10mm, adjustment accuracy 0.01mm, adjustment speed 100mmms;
 Collimation protection lens dust protection design, effectively protect the internal optical components;
Extend the distance between the protection lens and the nozzle to increase the life of the lens;
 Drawer-type lens holder is adopted to make the protection lens replacement fast and simple;
 QBH connector is not limited, it can be equipped with various lasers with QBH connector.

Autofocus saves focusing time and improves work efficiency by 10 times.
Extend service life, by optimizing the structural design of the cutting head, extend its service life.


Taiwan T-win gears&racks, Japan Yaskawa drive motor, France Motovario reducer, Taiwan Hiwin guide rails.
The positioning accuracy of the affordable laser cutter is 0.03mm, and the repositioning accuracy is 0.02mm.


The square tube welding bed is welded with a thick rectangular tube with a diameter of 200*200mm. The bed weight can reach 1T. The bed body is annealed and milled by a large gantry to accurately drill all installation basic holes at once. .
Higher tensile strength and dimensional stability. Effectively improve the accuracy of the bed, reduce the processing error of the workpiece. Increase the resistance and stability of the guide rail.
It reduces the loss of the equipment when it is used. It keeps the precision of the machine tool for a long time and does not deform for 20 years. The equipment has good stability and reduces the processing errors caused by the vibration of the bed.

 Other suppliers: plate welding bed, poor overall stability and low accuracy. 


On the rear loading and unloading platform, the edge of the bed is covered with high-quality stainless steel.

 Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. The use of reinforced austenitic stainless steel has stronger abrasion resistance and scratch resistance, avoiding direct damage to the bed and causing corrosion of the bed body.
 Preservative. High-quality stainless steel has corrosion resistance, and it will inevitably encounter strong acid or alkali environment during industrial processing.
 Longer lifetime. Effectively protect the body of the bed, which can be disassembled and replaced by itself to extend the service life of the equipment.

The metal laser cutting machine with exchange platform, during the loading and unloading process, the metal sheet will continue to rub against the edge of the bed. The innovative stainless steel covering design makes the equipment beautiful and practical, and further reduces the maintenance cost.


High precision. After manual aging, solution treatment and finishing, the beam has good integrity, rigidity, toughness and ductility.
Fast speed. Aluminum alloy has the features of light weight and strong rigidity, which is conducive to high-speed movement during processing, and high flexibility is conducive to high-speed cutting of various graphics on the basis of high precision.
High efficiency. The lighter weight beam can ensure the rapid operation of the equipment, improve the processing efficiency, and at the same time ensure the processing quality.


Not only can the high-speed operation of the best laser cutter be guaranteed, but also the accuracy and efficiency of the metal sheet cutting processing.

Effectively improve the service life and accuracy of the protective laser cutting machine, reduce time cost and reduce time loss. And after using the same time limit, the aluminum beam can ensure the cutting accuracy to the greatest extent, and at the same time it can alleviate the kinetic energy of laser head during high-speed movement.


The vertical screen display is different from the traditional horizontal screen display. The response speed reaches 8ms, the resolution reaches 1080p, the screen ratio is optimized to 16:9, the power consumption is low, and the control software interface and human browsing habits are better adapted. In addition, it has a high brightness level and low reflectance, and the sturdy glass panel has sturdiness and durability.


Cypcut laser cutting system is a full-featured open-loop control system launched specifically for the sheet metal processing industry.
Support AI, DXF, PLT, Gerber, LXD and other graphic data formats, and accept international standard G codes. 
When opening and importing external files, optimization is automatically performed.
Flexible and diverse automatic layout and manual layout sequence functions, a variety of array methods are available.
The powerful material library function allows all process parameters to be saved for the same material to be used again. 
Processing breakpoint memory and positioning any point function.
Fixed-height cutting, off-board following and multiple edge-finding methods.
Support remote control of the system via wireless handheld box and Ethernet.
One click to set flight cutting path.
It is easy to install, easy to debug, excellent in performance and complete in plan.It is the fiber laser cutting control system with the highest market share at present.


Dustproof All electrical components and laser sources are built into a separate control cabinet and have a dustproof design to extend the life of the electrical components. The automatic thermostat control cabinet is equipped with air conditioning to achieve automatic constant temperature. This can prevent summer temperatures excessive damage to components.

More professional electrical device assembly, strong electricity separation and weak electricity separation. 

Simpler dustproof, anti-static interference, good heat dissipation, easy to maintain. 

More convenient and easy to detect circuit faults and maintenance. 

Safer and independent of machine equipment, reduce Equipment operation interference.


Stainless steel plate      
Carbon steel plate      
Aluminum sheet      
Copper sheet      
Galvanized sheet      
Gold plate      
Silver plate      
Nickel plate      
Manganese plate      


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