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Laser Pipe Cutting Machine-Steel Pipe/Square Pipe/Round Pipe/Tube Laser Cutting Machine

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Metal tube cutting machine, round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, oval tube, long round tube (runway circle), angle steel, channel steel fiber laser tube cutting machine, stainless steel tube laser cutting machine, laser tube cutting machine suitable for round tube, square Tube, rectangular tube, flat tube, U-shaped tube and other special-shaped tube cutting machine manufacturers.


Metal tube fiber optic cutting machine, specially designed for metal tube laser cutting machine. The double chuck structure can cut metal pipes with a diameter between 20-220mm. Equipped with 1000w-6000w fiber laser, the tube length can be 3m, 6m, 9m, 2000w and above. The power supply is equipped with an independent cabinet, built-in air-conditioning, and an automatic loading and unloading device can be installed to realize automatic processing.


  A product in the pipe cutting market. The biggest feature of this product is that it can realize the "zero tailings" of pipe processing and increase the utilization rate of pipes; at the same time, it has the functions of automatic feeding of raw materials and automatic feeding of finished materials to improve product production efficiency. Batch pipe processing, the product has complete functions, stability and reliability, and superior performance. It can be used in construction, advertising, hardware, sporting goods and other industries.


  Fiber laser cutting equipment is suitable for metal cutting, such as stainless-steel plate, low carbon steel plate, carbon steel plate, alloy steel plate, spring steel plate, iron plate, galvanized iron, galvanized plate, aluminum plate, copper plate, brass plate, bronze plate, gold plate, silver Plates, titanium plates, metal plates, metal plates, pipes, etc.


Advantages of iGolden Laser metal pipe fiber cutting machine:

1. Automatic lubrication system

The automatic lubrication system provides a fixed amount of lubricating oil for the equipment to ensure high-speed operation of the equipment, with abnormal alarm and liquid level alarm functions. This system greatly improves the cutting accuracy and effectively extends the service life of the transmission mechanism.

2. Intelligent alarm system

Intelligent travel protection, automatic monitoring of the working range of components, installation of international machine tool standard limit springs, laser cutting head built-in capacitor height adjustment function, anti-collision stop, improve equipment and life safety protection, reduce accidents, and improve cutting efficiency.

3. Security System

It has an automatic alarm function for abnormal equipment working status, and pushes it to the operation interface through the control center, which improves the efficiency of equipment abnormal troubleshooting, reduces safety hazards, and reduces maintenance costs.


   "Tube laser cutting" is mainly used to cut various hollow round pipe materials of non-metallic solid materials, such as plastic pipes, PVC pipes, PVB pipes and other industrial and civil materials. This kind of pipe is generally used in home improvement, industry, and water conservancy construction. This kind of laser machine adopts CO2 metal laser tube, and the power consumption is about 100W-500W. It is the first choice of processing machinery for small and medium-sized enterprises.


   Compared with traditional oxyacetylene, plasma and other cutting processes, laser cutting speed is fast, the slit is narrow, the heat-affected zone is small, the edge of the slit is perpendicular, and the cutting edge is smooth. At the same time, there are many types of materials that can be laser cut, including carbon steel. , Stainless steel, alloy steel, wood, plastic, rubber, cloth, quartz, ceramics, glass, composite materials, etc. With the rapid development of the market economy and the rapid development of science and technology, laser cutting technology has been widely used in automobiles, machinery, electricity, hardware, and electrical appliances. In recent years, laser cutting technology is developing at an unprecedented speed, with an annual growth rate of 15% to 20%. Since 1985, my country has grown at a rate of nearly 25% per year. At present, the overall level of laser cutting technology in my country still has a big gap compared with advanced countries. Therefore, laser cutting technology in the domestic market has broad development prospects and huge application space.

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