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Over the past decades, the laser cutting industry has gone through different phases of improvements in quality and thickness of cutting material, power, and efficiency which bring today’s metal tube laser cutter with higher cutting speed and quality level, the ability to cut thin and thick metals, and the user’s need to process both steel and aluminum on the same equipment.

metal tube laser cutter

The drastic advancement in technology and the arrival of sophisticated equipment made fiber cutting machine find its application in the healthcare sector too. The areas of the sector which required micro cutting equipment are incorporated with laser cutting machines now. Apart from these, other prominent niche where fiber laser cutting machines are used are metal fabricators, in which laser cutting machines play a prominent role to produce superior quality metal parts with minute finishing works.

Main Features Of Laser Cutting Machine For Metal Sheet:

1. Excellent beam quality: smaller focused spot, finer cutting lines, smooth cut, beautiful appearance, no distortion, higher work efficiency, and better processing quality.

2. One machine with multiple functions: It can not only meet the customers' requirements for cutting metal plates, but also meet the cutting of pipes. One machine has multiple functions, which saves the cost of buying two machines, saves space by more than 50%, and brings higher efficiency.

3. Advanced chuck clamping system: the chuck can automatically adjust the clamping force according to the pipe specifications to ensure that the thin pipe is clamped without damage;

4. Extremely high stability: It adopts a compact and small fiber laser with low energy loss and stable cutting quality.

metal tube laser cutter

Metal tube laser cutteris to use a high-power laser beam to scan the surface of the material to be cut, heat the material to several thousand to tens of thousands of degrees Celsius in a very short time, quickly melt or vaporize the material, and then use high-pressure gas to melt or vaporize the material. Blow away from the kerf for the purpose of cutting the material.

Laser cutting machines are highly efficient and design replicas are the exact copies of each other.

It requires and consumes less amount of energy to cut sheets of all types of materials.

In comparison with the traditional scissors, laser cutting machines take less time to cut large sheets and the outcome is extremely accurate.

The entire process is monitored by the computer programs which reduce the amount of work and workload.

Much human intervention is not required except for maintenance and observation. No danger of accidents or injuries

Very flexible, can be used to cut almost all types of materials.

Precise cuts can be obtained within short time.

Machine Application

metal pipe fiber laser cutting machine is suitable for metal pipe cutting, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel , alloy steel, spring steel, iron, aluminum and other metal tube cutting.

Applicable types of tubes: Round, Square, Rectangular, Oval, etc.

Applicable types of cutting: Holes cutting, angle cutting, arc cutting, different patterns and letters cutting, etc.

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