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How to improve the welding quality of laser welding machine?

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With the development of lasers, the technology of laser welding machines will become more and more complex. However, in the actual welding production process, various problems will occur due to various reasons.


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First of all, we must check the quality of welding and the perception of welding quality. Generally speaking, there are two methods of visual inspection and destructive inspection. The means of visual inspection is that the staff determines whether the welding machine is qualified based on their rich work experience, but if this kind of inspection is knotty and not sufficient, which puts forward the requirement of destructive inspection, that is to open the welding base material to recognize it. Others, you can also use a stretcher to check the tensile strength.


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Under normal circumstances, if the welding process is not good, the data may have problems. After the laser welding machine checks the data quality, it is necessary to replace the data or change the waveform of the laser welding machine to set the process conditions. If the welding products of the same part have poor welding, It is likely that there is a problem with the workbench and clamps; if there are occasional welding and virtual welding phenomena, you can check the energy stability of the welding machine or whether there are problems with the workbench and fixtures.


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The third is to strengthen the welding quality assurance process. During the welding process, the pressure tester is usually used to test the welding pressure. In order to maintain the same pressure, always check the head movement of the welding machine together; strengthen monitoring to prevent the power supply voltage from shaking, welding The current output caused by the overheating caused by the machine overload is reduced, the current of the workpiece is reduced, and the function of the laser welding machine is poor; consider the thickness of the workpiece, the thickness of the coating, the metal composition, etc., to prevent the appearance of welding defects. Reduce the product loss rate.

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