Basis Info For Choosing CO2 Laser Engraving Stainless Steel?

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Due to the continuous expansion of application fields and improvement of CO2 laser cutting machines, many companies at home and abroad have been engaged in the production of various co2 laser engraving stainless steel to meet their needs. Therefore, as consumers, how to choose the right machine for you, this article will explain to you how to choose the machine from different angles.

How to improve processing efficiency and reduce operating costs. We need to compare various laser cutting machines, such as cutting accuracy, cutting efficiency, maintenance cost, service life, etc.

co2 laser engraving stainless steel

1.Cutting accuracy

Cutting accuracy is the basis for choosing a machine. It refers to the contour accuracy of the cut material.

2.Cutting efficiency

Cutting efficiency is the core profitability metric for evaluating machines. Cutting efficiency refers to the time it takes to cut a material. It is known that, the cutting time cannot be faked.

3.Maintenance cost

At present, the largest maintenance cost of a laser cutting machine mainly comes from the laser source, so it is very important to choose a suitable laser.

4.Service life

Service life is a core cost-saving metric for evaluating machines. The longer the service life of the machine, the lower the depreciation cost of the equipment.

Co2 Laser cutting machines by igoldencnc offers a wide variety of cutting and engraving options on different types of materials like acrylic, leather, wood, fabric ,plasticetc with high speed and accuracy. Cutting and engraving through laser is a non-contact process which makes the running and maintaining procedure quite easy. With a mere setting of power a single machine can perform both the cutting and engraving functions at the same time. Here, we can provide you with single head and double head machines depending upon your requirement of production.


Small cutter? Big ? Are you wondering which one is best suited to your needs? Size is a determining factor in choosing a laser cutter. Indeed, a large work surface is more suitable for mass production when a mini-machine like the K40 is perfect for hobby.

The control system

Once your file is created, send it to your machine for it to perform all cutting, marking or engraving tasks. The component that manages this is the control system. The most famous – and practical – is the Ruida controller. But there are many more.

co2 laser engraving stainless steel

The Options Of CO2 Laser Cutters

There is a world between a first price machine produced in series, and a high-end model. And we don’t just want to talk about after-sales service… In fact, some manufacturers offer interesting options and functions for co2 laser engraving stainless steel: auto-focus, through system, cylinder holder, etc.

Applications Of CO2 Laser Engraving Stainless Steel:

CO2 laser cutting machine, able to engrave and cut various non-metals, like acrylic, double-color plate, marble, wood, MDF, plywood, textile, leather, glass, paper etc.

Widely applied in craft gifts, souvenir, Chinese paper cutting, advertising signs, clothes, furniture and many other industries.

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