6090 Laser Engraving Machine CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

This Co2 laser machine is the latest design with High quality 75W-180W laser tube, it can cut metals such as stainless steel,carbon steel, also can cut non-metal such as acrylic,wood/MDF,leather, foam, plastic and etc. 
CO2 Laser Engraver
CO2 laser cutting machine
CO2 laser cutting machine Supplier

CO2 Laser Cutter Machine Features: 

  This laser machine can be applied to many kinds of materials, and has many advantages, such as smooth cutting edges, free from polishing, less noise, less dust, faster processing speed, higher precision, less waste and higher efficiency. It is the best option for upgrading traditional equipments in various industries. 

Laser Engraving Machine Applicable Industries: 

Suitable for industries such as billboards, artistic gifts, crystal ornaments, paper cut engraving, bamboo embossment, printing, garments and leather industries, embroidery, interior decoration, frame fabrication and etc.