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Fiber laser source based CNC laser cutting machine for metal has a good ability and high speed for metal cutting, such as steel, stainless steel. If the metal thickness is below 4.0mm, this kind CNC metal laser cutter has a cutting speed of 2-3 times as a co2 laser machine. The fiber laser cutting machine is a flatbed mechanical device that uses a fiber laser to output a high-energy density laser beam, which instantly melts and vaporizes the area illuminated by the ultra-fine focus spot on the work piece, and moves the spot irradiation position through a numerical control mechanical system, thereby achieving cutting. 

It has the advantages of fast cutting speed, high precision, small area of heat affected area, stable performance, guaranteed continuous production, not easy to deform, smooth and beautiful cut seam, and no need for subsequent processing. Compared with other CNC machine, fiber laser cutting machine can complete the processing of various complex structures. As long as it can draw any image on the computer, the machine can complete the processing without opening the mold, and the product can be produced immediately. That is, new products can be developed quickly and costs can be saved. No matter how complicated the process requirements are, fiber laser cutting machines can do it.

The entry-level laser cutting machine, really cost-effective, open-type, single platform, simple structure, convenient installation, high precision, fast speed, simple operation, convenient maintenance, affordable equipment, low operating cost, it is a sheet metal processing enterprise customized product.

The dual-use fiber laser cutting machine can realize the cutting of two different materials on the same equipment. It can cut both metal plates and tubes (including square tubes, round tubes, channel steel, angle steel, etc.). One machine with multiple functions, high cost performance, professional pipe cutting control system, high precision, full function, easy to use, simple operation, suitable for comprehensive processing and manufacturing enterprises.

The dual-worktable fiber laser cutting machine comes standard with a fast exchange platform, which is convenient for loading and unloading. The plate cutting and loading and unloading can be carried out at the same time. The processing efficiency is high, the operating cost is low, and the equipment is affordable.It is the first choice for processing and manufacturing enterprises.

Full-protection fiber laser cutting machine adopts a fully enclosed laser protective cover, is equipped with a special laser protective glass observation window, which is overall beautiful, safe and environmentally friendly; at the same time, it is equipped with a special exchange platform for fast exchange speed. It is a high-end special equipment for laser cutting of sheet metal, and it is the first choice for modern manufacturing enterprises.

The tube laser cutting machine is a laser cutting machine specially designed for tube cutting. It can cut round tubes, square tubes, oval tubes, rectangular tubes and irregular tubes. It is equipped with a special cutting operating system, which is simple to operate, high precision and professional. Strong, suitable for professional profile cutting, widely used in sports equipment, petroleum pipelines, chemical equipment and other industries. It can cut carbon steel and stainless steel.

What is a CNC laser machine?

The laser machine is the general term for the laser engraving machine, laser cutting equipment, laser marking machine, laser cleaning machine, laser etching machine, and laser welder. The working principle of the laser machine is to use the high temperature of the laser beam to act on the surface of materials. According to the graphics input into the laser machine, it can process the patterns and texts required by customers.

The laser CNC machine realizes the processing of different materials by the different thermal energy of the laser beam. Based on the type of laser generator, the laser machine mainly falls into three types: CO2 laser, fiber laser, and YAG laser. Among them, the fiber CNC laser and CO2 CNC laser are the most commonly used methods. The fiber CNC laser is mainly for processing metal materials, including fiber laser engraver for metal, fiber laser cutter near me, fiber laser marking machine, and fiber laser welding machine. While the CO2 CNC laser is mainly for processing non-metal materials, such as CO2 laser engraver for wood, CO2 laser cutter near me, CO2 laser marker, etc.

IgoldenLaser provides a variety of laser equipment. It includes the fiber laser machine, CO2 laser machine, laser machine for marking, laser machine for etching, and laser machine for welding and cleaning.

All these laser machines can meet your cutting, engraving, marking needs in various metal and non-metal materials. For example, stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, copper, aluminum, acrylic, plastics, rubber, leather, glass, etc. With its advantages of fast speed, high precision, and good quality, laser machine has become the first choice for many manufacturers.

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