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Application of uv laser marker on glasses

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Glass is an amorphous inorganic non-metallic material, transparent and smooth, and is an important material in modern daily life, production, and science and technology. Glass products are widely used in construction, daily use, medical treatment, chemistry, home furnishing, electronics, appearance, engineering and other fields. It has the characteristics of being fragile, so it has high requirements on the craftsmanship to sculpt the surface of the glass products.


The laser can form a very thin beam to mark on glass materials. Any complicated text, graphics, images laser marker, trademarks, LOGO laser marker , barcodes laser marker, QR codes laser marker, production batch numbers, autographs, etc., can be marked by a laser marking machine carry out. The UV laser shows extremely high absorptivity when processing glass. In the field of fine processing, it has natural advantages.


Through the etching process, the UV laser can be better absorbed by the material when marking the glass, and has little damage to the original glass. The high-energy-density laser is used to locally irradiate the glass to vaporize the surface material by a photochemical reaction. A marking method that leaves a permanent mark. The size of the images and texts printed by laser marking can range from millimeters to micrometers, which is of special significance to the anti-counterfeiting of products.


Just after marking, you can directly touch the marking position, you will find that the heat is very low, almost negligible, and the surface is very smooth and flat, and there will be no scratches. The appearance of the glassware has not changed in any way, so there is no need to worry about the distortion of pictures and texts and the blackening of fonts due to the strong energy of the ultraviolet laser, resulting in defective crafts and waste of resources.


At present, from 3W, 5W, 10W, 15W, and then to 30W, the power of UV laser machines is still increasing. With higher power and more application scenarios, I believe that UV lasers can bring us more surprises in the future.

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