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The laser welding machine is also identified as laser welderfiber laser welding machine, handheld laser welding machine, which is a machine for laser material manufacturing. Laser welding is partially heating material using high-energy laser beams in a closed environment. For the purpose of welding, the energy of laser radiation is diffused into the material by heat transfer, and the material is melted to form a particular molten pool.

Nowadays, the welding machine has been widely used in a variety of industries:


Laser welding techniques are often used to manufacture international vehicles. According to estimates, more than 100 laser-tattooed welding rod production lines in 2000, the annual output is 70 million orchid welding blank, used for automotive components, and the industry continues to expand relatively fast rhythm.

Automobile industry

As early as the 1980s, European automakers were first batch of sheet metal welding on roof, body and side frames using laser welding. Laser welding is first used in automotive manufacturing in the 1990s. Despite the launch of late launches, it has grown rapidly. Use laser welding machine and assemble most steel plate parts in Italy. The body panel is made of laser welding and cutting methods in Japan. Because of their excellent performance, high-strength steel laser welding assemblies are rapidly used in the production of body production. In addition, according to the US metal industry estimates, the consumption of extending welding steel structures will reach 70,000 tons at the end of 2002, which will rise from 1998.

laser welding machine  Laser welder

Electronic manufacturing

Laser welding is usually used in electronic industries, especially in microelectronics. Laser welding provides unique advantages in the package of integrated circuits and semiconductor chip housing, due to a limited thermal impact, rapid heating concentration and low thermal stress. Laser welding is used to make vacuum appliances, such as molybdenum focus electrodes and stainless steel support rings, rapid thermal cathode filament assemblies, and the like.

The main function

The fiber laser welding unit is fully automated, and the welding process is simple. Non-contact operation methods are applicable to standards that meet cleanliness and environmental safety. The use of laser welding systems to process workpieces will increase efficiency.


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