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2000w Laser Cutting Machine for Metal Tubes and Metal Pipes

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Laser tube cutting machine is also called laser pipe cutting machine, laser tube cutter, laser pipe cutter, which is mainly refer to a laser cutting machine with fiber laser source for square/round/rectangular/oval metal pipes and tubes, so you can call it fiber laser tube cutting machine, fiber laser tube cutter, fiber laser pipe cutting machine, fiber laser pipe cutter. 



Advantages of Laser Tube Cutting Machine with Fiber Laser Source 

1. The fiber laser tube cutting machine can complete a variety of cutting shapes tubes, the tube surface arbitrarily complex curve graphics processing, graphics difficulty without restrictions. After cutting the tube section does not require secondary processing, it can be welded directly, greatly reducing the production period, creating enormous value for the enterprise.

2. The laser tube cutter can cut lines and holes with different diameters from different directions on the tubes&pipes and cut column and crossed lines at the end of branch pipe to meet centrifugal and non-centrifugal vertical intersection condition for branch and main pipe axis.

3. The laser pipe cutter can cut inclined with the main circular pipe.

4. The fiber laser pipe cutter can cut branch pipe intersected with the main circular pipe.

5. The fiber laser tube cutter can realize angle groove face, square hole, waist-shaped holes cutting.

6. The fiber laser pipe cutting machine adopts very thin laser beam which can be used on small part cutting and complicated patterns and reach to a polished effect.

7. Two rotary tables use double driver synchronous drive, metal tubes are not easily destroyed when processing, with high precision and high processing efficiency. 



The diagonal adjustable range is 20-240mm, the servo motor and reducer are driven synchronously, and the smart tube bracket design is adopted, which can solve the deformation problem in the tube cutting process.
To ensure the machining accuracy, precise cutting of round pipes, square pipes, rectangular pipes, angle steels, channel steels, irregular pipes and oval pipes can be realized.

pneumatic chuck for tube laser cutting machine 2

Flexible and adjustable to improve efficiency. 
 Suitable for cutting tubes of various shapes. 
Safer, easy to install, save manpower, consume less and cost less. 
The minimum tail length is 20mm, which truly realizes zero tail cutting, reduces the cost of raw materials, and brings huge production benefits.


Adopts laser protevtive glass, you can see all the whole process through the observation window, with safer and eco-environment, which confirm the European CE standard.
Combined with the ergonomics, the height of metal handle is about from 1.3m to 1.8m, on the right hand side of the operator.

protective observation window for tube laser cutting machine


Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine Applications 

Metal tube/pipe diameter: ≤200mm.Metal tube/pipe cutting thickness: ≤8mm (Mild Steel).Metal tube/pipe type: round, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, circular tubes and more other special tubes, etc. 

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