Laser Derusting Machine -1000W Rust Cleaning Laser

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Why Are More Manufacturers Using Laser Cleaning For Material Preparation?

Laser derusting machine offers multiple advantages over traditional approaches. It does not involve solvents and there is no abrasive material to be handled and disposed of. Compared with other processes that are less detailed, and frequently manual processes, laser cleaning is controllable and can be applied only to specific areas of a part, can be easily automated to maximize productivity, and provides the guaranteed repeatability demanded by an increasing number of quality standards.

laser derusting machine

Laser cleaning aims at minimizing chemical and abrasive usage in industrial environments to meet increasing compliance with OSHA and EPA requirements' the stricter compliance regulations require safer practices in addressing pollution and health concerns.

Metal rust removal with igoldencnc Professional fiber laser cleaning machine IGOLDENCNC  professional fiber laser cleaning machine can do cleaning of the surface of metal materials. It is ususlly used for rust removal, paint removal, stain removal, oil removal, etc. So our professional fiber laser cleaner can be used in many industries, such as the automootive industry, molding industry, food container industry, etc.

And the cleaning width of the professional fiber laser cleaner can be up to 150mm, and it can be adjusted accoding to the cleaning materials size.

laser derusting machine

1000W Rust Cleaning Laser Benefits :

1. We offer from 5 or 100 meters Fiber-optic cables to meet the different needs of this laser metal rust remover.

2. Our Handheld Laser Rust Remover is suitable for a variety of materials; the industrial laser rust remover can be widely and flexibly used in many industries.

3. Equipped with a hand-held cleaning head, the industrial laser rust remover is easy to control and can be used for extended periods of operation.

4. The Hi-Performance Laser Descaler can work safely with great stability even in a very harsh working environment.

5. No media use, our industrial laser rust remover adopts integrated design and customised for any power needs from SP 240/110V or 3 Phrase power.

6. Use of our Handheld Laser Rust Remover to select the exact position for tight and sensitive cleaning.

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